Tracking, Visibility and Shipment Monitoring

When you’re working with vital healthcare products, it’s not just about the final delivery. You need to know the status of your shipment from start to finish, inside and out. We provide advanced tracking, monitoring and visibility solutions so you can track the entire journey of your shipment.

What’s New in Tracking and Visibility?

The world of medical-shipping monitoring and visibility is always changing — we bring you the latest news so you can keep pace.

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FedEx Priority AlertTM

This specialized, contract-only service is ideal for healthcare, scientific and medical equipment businesses that require maximum visibility and delivery compliance for their shipments.

You can count on this monitoring solution for:

  • Global Connectivity. FedEx Priority Alert is available in more than 70 countries. Thanks to our extensive global distribution network, your shipments stay with us — from start to finish. To see which countries you can ship FedEx Priority Alert shipments to and/or from, as well as which FedEx Express® international shipping services are available, download our list of countries served.
  • Assurance. You can ship with added confidence because FedEx Priority Alert monitors and notifies you about the status of your critical shipments.
  • Special Service. Your FedEx Priority Alert account is assigned a global service analyst who understands your business and operational needs. The specialist provides around-the-clock support, advanced shipment monitoring, personalized notification and, when necessary, customized package intervention and recovery.
  • Priority Placement. Your FedEx Priority Alert shipments receive priority boarding on our aircraft and, where available, priority clearance handling to ensure maximum time for clearance issue resolution.
  • FedEx Priority Alert PlusTM. Ideal for the healthcare sector, this service includes all the features of FedEx Priority Alert, plus these additional recovery options: dry-ice replenishment, gel-pack exchange and cold storage. 

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Go to or download our service overview, then contact your account executive to find out if this service is right for you.

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Shipping with FedEx Priority Alert?

Mark your packages properly. Download our FedEx Priority Alert tape application guide.

Give your temperature-control shipment specialized attention with end-to-end monitoring and proactive notification.

SenseAware® Powered by FedEx

SenseAware gives you an inside view of your healthcare shipments and sensitive inventory by combining a powerful web-based application with an advanced multi-sensor device.

This breakthrough service monitors your shipments':

  • Current location
  • Accurate temperature
  • Exposure to light
  • Relative humidity
  • Barometric pressure
  • G-Shock

Customizable triggers allow you to determine when and how you are notified of critical events, and collaboration tools empower issue resolution with parties involved.  The result is unmatched visibility, increased security, and the power to make your supply chain more efficient and reliable than ever before.

Whether you're shipping domestically or internationally, air or ground, you don't have to wonder whether sensitive contents are being compromised or if supplies will reach their destination on time. You'll know, and you'll have the information available to intervene when necessary.

Plus, SenseAware can be used with many different carriers, putting you in charge of your shipping options. With SenseAware, you'll have the visibility you've always wanted and the information you need to be in control.

Call a SenseAware Advisor at 901.434.3030 or go to to learn more.

You can also watch a short video on SenseAware.

Download the SenseAware handout

SenseAware Success Stories

When your work involves testing lab and research samples, every delivery is critical and a lost specimen is not an option. See how med fusion uses SenseAware to track its shipments.
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VIDEO: SenseAware monitors sensitive samples during shipping

Patients and pathologists trust CSI Laboratories, a cancer diagnostics laboratory, with irreplaceable biopsy specimens. The results of these tests change lives. With so much hanging in the balance, CSI relies on SenseAware for peace of mind that their samples are secure and uncompromised.
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SenseAware allows you to track the location and environmental conditions of a shipment, as well as establish a geofence with alerts.

FedEx TranSmart®

If you ship prescription drugs to manufacturers, repackagers, wholesale distributors or dispensers, FedEx TranSmart® helps you comply with Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requirements without capital investment:

  • Captures and maintains Proof of Delivery (POD) signatures, shipping files and Product Tracing Information (PTI) forms for up to seven years after ship date
  • Provides a true link between POD and PTI
  • Allows you to access files on a secure, password-protected online system, validated by an independent third party, to assist in complying with FDA, DEA, CSA and state pharmacy and drug control regulations

Download the TranSmart overview