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Since 1990, more than 60 Boeing B727 owners and operators have ordered FedEx Stage 3 Kits to extend the life of their fleets. They have chosen the leader in B727 noise reduction as an alternative to expensive new aircraft and re-engining programs.

FedEx Stage 3 Kits provide full F.A.R. Stage 3 and I.C.A.O. Chapter 3 noise compliance without compromising your B727 with reduced engine thrust, reduced field performance, changes in operating procedures or changes to the Boeing aircraft wing design. Through the use of advanced technology engine noise reduction components, approach noise is comparable to many new Stage 3 aircraft, while certified noise levels are reduced up to 2.5 decibels (EPNL-dB) lower than other Stage 3 systems -- where it counts most at noise-monitored airports -- on takeoff.

Sound Exposure Level

What's more, there is no change in engine specific fuel consumption with FedEx Stage 3 Kits installed. And only FedEx Stage 3 Kits have been developed in full collaboration with Pratt & Whitney and with technical support from The Boeing Company.

Convenient Installation with World-Class Support

Installation of FedEx Stage 3 Kits can be accomplished by most airlines and a growing list of independent modification facilities worldwide. The modular design of our kits makes installation convenient and cost-effective. Of course, on-going product support for your Stage 3 Kit is available from FedEx, the world's largest B727 operator, and from the B727's engine manufacturer, Pratt & Whitney.

The First--And Still The Best Value--In B727 Noise Reduction

It's no wonder more than 740 shipsets of FedEx Stage 3 Kits have been ordered by B727 owners and operators worldwide. They know that our system offers a proven, cost-effective and reliable way to extend the life of their B727s into the next century--without compromising aircraft performance or potential resale values.