Boeing 777: Going farther, faster

Major world markets are suddenly closer — now that FedEx Express flies direct via a fleet of Boeing 777 Freighters. The air freighter’s extra-long flight range means greater access to your global trade partners, reducing transit times by as much as a full day. By eliminating refueling stops, we’ve extended cutoff times by two hours in select markets. Fewer stops and less congestion at transfer hubs streamline your supply chain.

FedEx has already deployed more 777s than any other U.S.-based express cargo carrier, increasing your speed of delivery to key destinations across the globe. One more reason to go places with FedEx.

See how our 777 fleet can help you increase your speed to market.

Direct access to the world

With direct flights from Memphis to Seoul:

  • FedEx International Priority® now delivers documents and packages from the U.S., Canada and select markets in Latin America to Seoul, South Korea, in 2 to 3 business days.
  • FedEx International Priority® Freight delivers shipments to South Korea as early as the second business day — on-time delivery backed by a money-back guarantee.
  • FedEx reduces transit times for both services by one day.

With direct flights from Memphis to the Middle East:

  • FedEx offers the fastest service to four major Middle Eastern markets: United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Afghanistan, Lebanon and Bahrain.
  • Transit times to these destinations have been reduced by up to a full day, and we provide a 1 p.m. local delivery time for Dubai.
  • FedEx also offers the widest geographic coverage for door-to-door priority freight shipping from the U.S. to the Middle East.
  • FedEx Express offers on-time delivery to the Middle East backed by a money-back guarantee.

Performance and Efficiency

As part of an ongoing upgrade of the FedEx Express fleet, the new aircraft offers a premium blend of performance and efficiency. In service since February 2009, the Boeing 777 is the largest and longest-range twin-engine freighter. It has a payload capacity of 112 tons (102 metric tons). Its flight range of 4,900 miles (9,070 kilometers), with a full payload, is nearly 900 nautical miles more than the MD-11.

The 777 also represents the next step in FedEx efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. The aircraft supports the company’s commitment to the environment in three ways:

  • 24 percent better fuel economy per pound of revenue payload than the 747-400BCF, thanks to an advanced wing design, more efficient engines and a lighter structure.
  • 18 percent fewer emissions than the MD-11, largely because of the improved fuel efficiency.
  • QC2 noise standards, with advanced noise reduction on landings and takeoffs for maximum accessibility to noise-sensitive airports.

FedEx 777 Direct Lanes

Hong Kong-Memphis-Incheon-Hong Kong
Hong Kong-Paris-Hong Kong