Turning the World on to a U.S. Personal Electronics Exporter

Universal Electronix is an online retailer that exports items like iPads, BlackBerrys, DJ equipment, watches, and other electronics to international markets, including the UK and other European countries, the Middle East, and Australia. The company sells directly to the end-consumer via their own website, as well as on Amazon.com and on country-specific eBay® pages. Universal Electronix ships all items from the U.S.

Before implementing FedEx Electronic Trade Documents

Universal Electronix had an unsatisfactory experience exporting via USPS and shifted to FedEx prior to the launch of FedEx Electronic Trade Documents. The manual creation of invoices and customs documentation, and the placement of these documents on every box, required significant employee time. Each shipment required three copies, two labels, and a pouch to hold the documentation. The size of the document pouch even forced Universal Electronix to use larger boxes than the shipped items required.

Customs delays were common, because there was no electronic backup for customs invoices that were lost in transit — causing shipments to be opened and checked manually. Late deliveries were an issue. Communicating with customs officials and paying customs duties in various countries were complicated processes. Universal Electronix had an employee who was completely dedicated to managing invoices, working out customs issues, and managing other issues resulting from manual shipping documents.

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Getting started with FedEx Electronic Trade Documents

Universal Electronix uses FedEx Ship Manager® at fedex.com, allowing all of the company’s U.S. locations to ship with the same account. Getting started with FedEx Electronic Trade Documents was easy, because it was self-explanatory and didn’t require any training. Universal Electronix just chose their preference settings on fedex.com and clicked to enable FedEx Electronic Trade Documents on their account.


"You can’t do business the old way in a cutthroat marketplace. If you’re not leveraging your shipping carrier and increasing your efficiency, that’s foolish. Small things in small business add up to the bigger picture of success. FedEx Electronic Trade Documents virtually eliminated customs issues and provided greater time efficiency, better customer experience, lower cost, and ultimately business growth."

— Sal Ejaz , Owner

Benefits realized through FedEx Electronic Trade Documents

Dramatic business growth
Since Universal Electronix implemented FedEx Electronic Trade Documents, annual sales have increased by 50–60%, growing from 20–40 shipments a month to hundreds each month.

Fewer shipping issues and a better customer experience
FedEx Electronic Trade Documents has reduced to almost zero the frequent customs delays experienced by the company when using manual Commercial Invoices. This increased shipping reliability has, in turn, given the company a stellar reputation on e-commerce sites such as Amazon.com and eBay.

More time to build the business
FedEx Electronic Trade Documents has given Universal Electronix more time for building its business, rather than managing its shipments. The employees who used to deal with shipping problems and customs issues now focus on core business concerns, including researching new products and listing them on the company’s many e-commerce channels.

Money saved with more efficient shipping sizes
Many Universal Electronix products are small (watches, iPods, etc.), but the traditional Commercial Invoice required a pouch on the box, and that meant a bigger box. With FedEx Electronic Trade Documents labels, small items can be shipped in small boxes, reducing both weight and dimensions. That means a lower cost to ship.

Material savings and a lower carbon footprint
FedEx Electronic Trade Documents has meaningfully reduced the company’s consumption of paper, printers, toner, and shipping materials. Company owner, Sal Ejaz, says he makes conscious choices to use sustainable solutions whenever possible.

Global business — localized customer experience Universal
Electronix ships from the U.S., but many international customers never notice, because they’re shopping on country-specific e-commerce sites, and their shipments arrive on time and as promised. So the customer experience is reliably excellent, and Universal Electronix can sell to the world without needing distribution centers outside of the U.S.