• Assessment Process

Assessment Process

How much is your printing really costing you?

The printing industry is changing rapidly. Is there more value in fixed print equipment costs and long-term commitments, or in the flexibility of an optimized print solution? FedEx Office can help you discover the best solution to meet your long-term strategic goals.

Our Business Solution Advisors will work with your team to assess your print process, from document creation to replenishment, within the framework of your current document management, production, distribution and performance baselines. The end result is a fully transparent, comprehensive view of your current state and potential options.

The assessment will allow you to:

  • Understand your key business processes and requirements
  • Identify the gaps between your current state and the industry standards for products, processes and technology
  • Determine your customer satisfaction drivers, service level needs and desired state
  • Develop a plan to implement solutions that enhance valuable assets — people, processes and technology

Let FedEx Office help you discover how our unique print solutions can accelerate your print strategy, drive optimized processes and delivery efficiencies.

A FedEx Office account executive works with your business to help you find the best print solution.

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