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On-demand printing pays off.

In banking and finance, the information is constantly changing — but the printing isn’t. Today’s companies need a solution that can keep pace while still meeting the substantial need for printed materials. Using FedEx Office, employees can use online ordering systems to order and print the most recent documents as they need them, within the access limits set.

Online ordering. A high-security online ordering system gives employees instant access to expert printing anytime, anywhere. For more advanced compliance, we also offer the ContentWelder Automated Marketing Edition™ by DeskNet Inc.

Fast turnaround. Employees can see projects on their desks in less than a day.

Reduced waste. With on-demand printing, no more outdated or excess inventory.

Distributed print. FedEx Office routes projects to the locations nearest their point of need. Your company speeds up time-to-market and reduces shipping costs.

Closed-door production centers. FedEx Office offers nearly 20 closed-door facilities for printing materials that require additional security.

“This system runs so smoothly, I don’t have to think about it on a daily basis.”
William Sullivan
Senior Director of Education Services, NACHA

A FedEx Office account executive works with your business to help you find the best print solution.

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Content Controlled

Protect sensitive information and maintain brand standards in business printing with FedEx Office and Desknet.

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Only FedEx Office gives you 24-hour access to online printing services and more than 1,800 locations nationwide.

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With the FedEx Office Corporate Account Program, the answer you need is always one phone call away.

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