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Increasing access while decreasing liability.

The paradox always exists for healthcare companies: How do you give more access to printing without giving up control over those documents? FedEx Office enables companies to centrally manage documents that employees can order. This means sales reps and other staff can have access to the most up-to-date information without compromising regulatory control.

Total content control. Through a variety of solutions, specific content can be locked down or entire documents can have restricted access to limit liability.

Closed-door production centers. FedEx Office offers nearly 20 closed-door facilities for printing materials that require additional security.

Reduced costs. On-demand printing eliminates the highs cost of being over-equipped and over-staffed by providing printing when and where you need it.

A FedEx Office account executive works with your business to help you find the best print solution.

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Business Challenges

They’re the issues that cause unwelcome emails late at night. But your FedEx Office account executive has the solution.

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Our Network

Only FedEx Office gives you 24-hour access to online printing services and more than 1,800 locations nationwide.

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Corporate Account Benefits

With the FedEx Office Corporate Account Program, the answer you need is always one phone call away.

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