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At FedEx and our thousands of FedEx Office locations, it’s important for us to put our concern about the environment into action. We’re continually working to integrate sustainable practices into all our business networks — online, retail, printing and shipping. The work we’re doing — and the choices that we offer — can help you reach your own goals of becoming a better environmental steward.

Our FedEx Office locations focus on 3 critical areas:

Paper and Packaging

  • FedEx was ranked transportation sector leader in the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) Global Forest Report in 2013 as a result of our commitment to responsible paper procurement at FedEx Office.
  • We look to use paper from more sustainable resources and/or with recycled content wherever possible. Our FedEx Office procurement policy for forest-based products specifies vendor requirements for responsible forest management practices, as well as recycled content standards.
  • In FY13, 84% of paper purchased by FedEx Office was Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, and our use of tree-free paper more than doubled to 128, 950 lbs.


  • We’ve centralized the planning, routing and dispatching of our vehicles to help minimize fleet size, fuel consumption and carbon emissions.
  • In addition to having more than 350 hybrid-electric trucks, FedEx Office installed two electric vehicle charging stations and has been using two electric vehicles in Washington, D.C. since December 2011.
  • We have centralized our sourcing and supply chain for electricity, including renewable, to help ensure strategic oversight and better leverage opportunities.
  • We use both technology and employee education to minimize energy consumption.


  • At FedEx Office, the EarthSmart paper recycling program, which is used for in-store operations and also available to customers, generated recycling volumes in excess of 6 million lbs. in FY13.
  • We aim to recycle as much waste as possible. In FY13, FedEx facilities sent 41.2 million lbs. of waste materials to recyclers. We’re a member of the EPA’s WasteWise Program, which helps organizations eliminate costly municipal solid waste and select industrial wastes.
  • To increase efficiency and ease of recycling, FedEx Office switched to single stream waste collection in the U.S. facilities we control in FY12, which means that waste and recycling materials can be deposited in the same receptacle and sorted after collection. FedEx Office collaborates with suppliers to encourage Product Stewardship beyond the point of sale and can work with various stakeholders by leveraging the expansive FedEx® logistics network to help create innovative solutions to support closed loop recycling.
  • We offer online document proofing and on-demand print access, which help reduce reprints and paper waste.

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