The Colourist

Taking the FedEx Office Mobile App on tour.

Life on tour can be tough for The Colourist. After the encore, they’re back on the bus and headed to the next city. So they count on FedEx Office to be their unofficial roadie and help them save time with easy, on-the-go solutions. Using our mobile app, they can market their business by ordering promotional materials while they travel. So when they arrive, their posters — and their fans — are waiting for them.

Find out how FedEx Office helps small businesses find smart solutions that matter

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  • Online Printing

Online Printing

Printing at your convenience — anytime, anywhere.

  • Copying and Printing Services

Copying and Print Services

Get everything you need and more to showcase your business.

  • In-Store Services

In-Store Services

Whether you need to send a fax, rent a computer or need assistance packing your shipments, we are there to help.