Wildcat! Wildcat!

Friends Jesse Taylor, Michael Wilson, and Jesse Carmichael started making lush, electro-pop music for fun. But they posted one song on the internet, buzz spread quickly and earned them a performance at the South by Southwest music festival. The band realized they had a big opportunity to build their fan base, but without record label representation, they were on their own to promote and market their music.

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Luckily, FedEx Office was there to help. Being on the road in Austin, FedEx Office helped with a wide range of marketing needs from creating a vinyl sticker for the band's kick-drum to printing Posters and providing the convenient Hold at FedEx Location option for their FedEx® packages. With FedEx Office, Wildcat! Wildcat! could focus on what they do best -- making great music and winning new fans! Find out how FedEx Office helps small businesses find smart solutions.

Find out how FedEx Office helps small businesses find smart solutions that matter.

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