Business Cards That Make You Stand Out

Make sure your initial client meeting leads to a successful relationship. Leave behind a powerful business card to be remembered and used. Create it with raised print, metallic finish or spot gloss.

  • Business Cards That Make You Stand OUt

A handshake, a smile and a business card ― the trifecta of first impressions. A strong handshake conveys confidence. A sincere smile builds rapport. And a well-designed business card sets a tone and represents your brand. Presented together, you’re certain to leave a lasting first impression with prospective clients.

Attract attention

The key to a stellar business card: Don’t be boring. Boring cards get dropped in the trash. Memorable ones get saved and put to use.

The goal is to make yours so good that it can’t be ignored. The difference between drab and fab can be as simple as the texture, weight, color and details. Check out these five design tips.

1. Set the tone
Perception is reality. Like the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” you can convey your company’s ultimate vision. An impressive business card connotes achievements, so give your fledgling start-up the image of a well-established power player with a carefully designed card. There are thousands of designs to choose from on the FedEx Office® Design & Print Center ― you can even find designs specific to the industry you’re in.

2. Keep it simple
While it’s tempting to use all the bells and whistles when designing your business card, it might not have the impact you’re hoping for. While a boring card won’t show your style, a card that is busy and overcrowded can backfire by hiding what you’re trying to convey.

Limit the word count and carefully choose your message. Use basic, pertinent details like your name, email, phone number and website. Your geographic address might not even be necessary, especially if it’s listed on your website.

That said, make sure to take full advantage of your business card real estate. Add useful content on your card’s flip side ― an appointment reminder or the services you offer that can be easily referenced. Or show an interesting image to align with your business or product.

3. Show your style
From simple to sophisticated, when it comes to creating your style, FedEx Office has three superior finishes that will make your business cards anything but dull. No one remembers a flat piece of card stock, but a card in a special finish will feel as good as it looks. Here’s how to design business cards that will be remembered and used:

  • Raised print. Create an impressive look that only feels expensive. Your tactile words will pop and get you noticed.
  • Spot gloss. Subtle but impactful, a touch of shine will demand a double take. A little eye-catching gloss goes a long way.
  • Metallic finish. Create a show-stopping business card by adding a metallic finish. Best when applied to light and bright colors, the shimmering finish will reflect well on you.

4. Say it in color
When put in a pile of ho-hum black & white business cards, your colorful card will be easy to spot — and easy to remember.

There are a lot of ways you can infuse color into your design: with a logo, meaningful graphic or text. Or for a powerful punch, fill the backside of the card with one solid color. One important rule: Use just a few colors on your card. Too many and it will become busy and distracting — the opposite impression you want to make.

Also, avoid light-colored text because it can be difficult to read.

5. Consider the weight and feel
Finally, choose a card stock with the right look and feel for your business:

  • The premium matte card, made of sturdy material, is an upgrade to the standard business card stock.
  • Glossy card stock will communicate understated elegance and is great to use with photos.
  • The newly introduced luxury-weight paper stands out above the rest. The bright, smooth paper is 400 lb., acid-free and double the thickness of standard card stock. Whichever paper you use, you can confidently put your business card into the hands of clients.

Style a stand-out business card

Set yourself up for success by making your own memorable business card through FedEx Office Design & Print Center. Create your own design, use one of the thousands of ready-to-use templates, or team up with a FedEx Office custom design service specialist who will help bring your ideas to life.

When it comes time to set your order quantity, remember that more is better. Always have plenty on hand so you’re prepared for an impromptu networking event.

Need to reorder? Your custom-designed business card, with all its attributes, is stored in your online account so you don’t need to keep track of where you saved your file. You can log in to the system yourself, or a FedEx Office team member can find it for you.