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Get the most out of Every Door Direct Mail

Make your mail campaign effective by following these four tips:

1. Make it personal and local.

With Every Door Direct Mail, you can customize your message to be hyper-local. The more local it is, the more relevant it will feel to your potential consumer. Think about what's important to the neighborhood you're targeting, and what makes it different from other neighborhoods.

Things like:

  • Language preferences
  • Homeowners or apartment renters
  • Households with children

2. Make it clear what you want them to do.

Whether it's instructions on redeeming an offer or when to show up for an event, it's important to make your message crystal clear. There should be no doubt in the recipient's mind what your direct mail piece is asking them to do. Other things you might want them to do are:

  • Visit your business
  • Call to make an appointment
  • Go to your website for more information or to register

3. Keep it simple.

Short and sweet. Uncomplicated. Your recipient receives lots of mail every day, and if your message seems complicated or takes longer than a few seconds to read, you're out of luck. A good way to think about it is, how would you put it simply if you were talking to someone in person who was unfamiliar?

  • Don't try to fit everything into one piece
  • Give just enough information to intrigue
  • New to the neighborhood? Introduce, then invite

4. See what works best.

Try a few versions of each piece to learn what people respond to. You can use this knowledge to increase effectiveness with each mail campaign. Features vs. benefits, phone vs. email… with each piece, you can gradually refine your direct mail to work the hardest for you. Some other ideas to test are:

  • Introductory letter vs. promotional offer
  • Save 20% vs. cash back offer
  • Product-driven message vs. benefit-driven message

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