Make This a Banner Year: Secrets to Designing Great Banners That Attract Attention

  • Banner Year

If you want to turn heads and build your brand, energize your message with a banner.

An eye-catching, professional banner is a relatively low investment with high return. And with digital printing technology, creating banners is faster and more affordable than ever, making it a smart option for promoting limited-time or seasonal deals.

Banners are also a great choice for:

  • Upselling and cross-marketing products.
  • Inspiring impulse purchases.
  • Grabbing attention.
  • Increasing product or brand awareness.

Design banners that get noticed

While their purpose is the same — to attract attention — not all banners are created equal. For a design that gets results, follow these five keys to success:

  1. Streamline your message
    Maybe you’ve heard of the “seven word rule” of billboard advertising? Since the average billboard is only seen for a few seconds, billboard designers are advised to keep their copy to seven words or less.
    While your customers might not be rushing down the highway at 60 miles an hour, you still have a limited window to make an impression. Keep your message simple and direct. The fewer words, the better chance they’ll be remembered.
  2. Include a call to action
    As you create your design, keep asking: What is your intended outcome? Organize your banner around a clear purpose. Whether you’re promoting a sale or your product, give the customer a simple, direct action item.
  3. Make it visible
    Even the best-crafted message has little impact if no one can read it. Choose colors and lettering that will get noticed — and read — from a distance. Bold fonts and crisp, contrasting colors work best.
    Additionally, think about where your banner will be located. A white banner will disappear into a white wall, while a blue and gray banner might pop.
  4. Use pictures
    Nothing gets your banners a second look quite like an arresting, high-quality image. Pictures will make your message more memorable — and they can quickly communicate a lot of information.
  5. Do a test run
    Remember: What looks great on your computer screen might not work from across the room. Before you finalize your design, print out a mockup. Tape it to a wall and see how it looks from four feet away. Can you still read it? What stands out?

Presentation is key

Once you decide the best area to display your banner, choose from several display options and hardware for the most effective way to present it. Select metal grommets to easily hang the banner. Or choose a tripod or retractable base that unrolls into a standing display. Go to Banner Packages for a list of portable and effective options for indoor placement.

For outdoor banners, select hanging clips, bungee cords or suction-cup hooks for secure placement.

Fast, easy ordering

With online printing, making a great banner is simpler than ever. Just go to FedEx Office® Print Online or visit one of the many FedEx Office locations and set up your order. Upload your own design, or customize one of our free templates.

In as soon as 24 hours in many cases, you can pick up your finished banner at your most convenient FedEx Office location. Remember, you have more than 1,800 to choose from. Stuck in the office? We can ship your banner wherever you need it, when you need it.

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