Print Consulting and Custom Solutions on a Budget

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You’ve got a big printing project. You need the best solution at an affordable price — and time is of the essence. Maybe you’re developing bound presentations for an important corporate conference or designing flyers for your new small business.

For projects like these, you’ll want to consult one on one with an expert, somebody who knows printing — and shipping — inside and out. That’s where expert print consultants such as Patti McClure and her colleagues at the FedEx Office® National Bid Center come into play.

Thinking big

McClure is a lead specialist at the FedEx Office National Bid Center, where customers work one on one with highly experienced consultants to find tailor-made solutions for their large or unique business and/or personal print needs

Here’s how the program works: You can contact the FedEx Office National Bid Center directly to discuss your project and pricing, or team members at your local FedEx Office location can request a bid on your behalf. To determine the best printing and delivery solutions, the consultants at the FedEx Office National Bid Center work with you to gather information, such as:

  • Project goals
  • Desired results
  • Printing options
  • Extended project needs
  • Local delivery and shipping needs

To help ensure your project is within your budget, the consultants have the ability to price beat any competitor bids. “I see the phenomenal pricing solutions we’re able to provide our customers, and that motivates me,” McClure says about her experience at the FedEx Office National Bid Center.

See how consultants helped a customer produce custom calendars en masse as an annual gift. The customer was thrilled with the project results and appreciated that the quoted price was within her budget.

Thinking fast

As a lead specialist, McClure works alongside a 40-person consultant team at the FedEx Office National Bid Center. They know the ins and outs of printing and shipping, and apply their knowledge to find the most efficient way to get your project completed.

Problem solving and thinking outside the box are key skills among the consultants. McClure recalls a new restaurant owner who wanted to print full-color to-go menus at the last minute but lacked the budget for it. “So I offered her a solution,” McClure says. “Printing the menus on colored paper gives the illusion of color — without overspending.”

Thinking smart

Another benefit: Working with the nationwide network of FedEx Office locations allows the consultants to get creative. For example, instead of printing 1,400 spiral-bound books in Chicago and shipping them to San Francisco, McClure can reach out directly to a FedEx Office location in San Francisco and have the job produced there, saving time and shipping costs. It’s all about what works best for the customer.

“We want to let the customers know we’re here for them. It’s not just to provide them a price; we’re here to build solutions,” McClure says. This one-on-one approach pays off for customers. “We offer them solutions based on their entire project portfolio — not only with the printing aspect of the job, but we also help them stay within their budget. We’re always up for the challenge. Plus, our services save them time from having to figure things out on their own,” she says.

Thinking ahead

Got a big project coming up? Contact the consultants via the FedEx Office National Bid Center website, or call them Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.–9:30 p.m. Eastern, at 1.866.926.5102.