5 Printable Party Essentials: From Invitations to Banners and More

  • Printable Party Essentials

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Want to wow them at your upcoming party? Discover how to take your event to the next level with FedEx Office party printables.

Parties at home are becoming the preferred way to celebrate milestone events with family and friends. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation or holiday party, people are enjoying the economy and intimacy at-home parties provide, rather than opting for impersonal and often expensive celebrations in restaurants and bars. Printable party items are a fun, easy way to elevate your status as the host with the most. Read on for five print party essentials that will make your next event more memorable.

  • Birthday party invitation

1. Invitations

Mailed invitations hint at your party’s exclusivity. Also, personalized details in your printed party invitations help set the tone for your event, whether it’s a hearty backyard bash or an elegant dinner affair.

  • Guest book photo album

4. Guest Books/Photo Albums

Booklets are a great way to preserve memories of your party for years to come. You can make a guest book, which lets your guests leave you personalized greetings while you collect their names for thank-you purposes. Or maybe you’d prefer a photo album to compile and display images of your party and friends.

  • Banner that reads happy birthday

2. Banners

A cheerful banner serves as a centerpiece for festivities. Plus, messaging can be used to call out the guest of honor or theme.

  • Two women in front of a happy birthday poster

5. Posters

Most people know you can use a poster for signage and to carry your party’s theme throughout any room, but did you know you could use one to create a backdrop for a selfie station? An area for photo opportunities is an absolute party essential in an era of smartphones and status updates.

  • A yard sign that reads happy birthday

3. Yard Signs

A colorful yard sign gives your party an element of curb appeal. They’re practical too, helping guests identify your venue from the street.

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