The Power of Banners and Posters

  • The Power of Banners and Posters

Competing for customers — it's tough. You know you provide great service and an outstanding product, but determining how to market that message can be a challenge.

It doesn't have to be.

Use words. And size. And colors. Impress passers-by and draw them into your store with a message they'll notice and remember.

Do it with big, bold, colorful banners and posters. They demand attention. They announce who you are and what your business has to offer. They deliver your message.

You can use customized banners and posters to work for your business in so many ways:

  • Announce a special event, sale or new product.
  • Attract customers and clients at your next expo, trade show or event.
  • Pump up sales with images of product accessories and brief messages about add-on service features.

Quick, easy and affordable

With so many uses for show-stopping banners, you'll appreciate how simple and affordable they are to create. Start by choosing from a variety of templates and easily customize them to fit your indoor and outdoor needs.

Select a standard size of 3' x 5' to 4' x 10' or create custom-size banners.

Choose finishing options such as grommets, lamination or hemming, and add accessories such as suction cups, bungee cords and hooks for hanging banners. Display stands are a portable and effective option for indoor viewing.

Before you print

Use these basic tips to create a banner you'll proudly display:

  • Less is more. You might be tempted to make use of all the space available on a banner, but don't. The simpler the design, the more likely customers will read and remember the message.
  • Say it big. Use a large, plain font that an audience can easily read from a distance. A smaller font works fine if the banner is placed at eye level. When composing your message and selecting font colors, always consider the viewing distance and surrounding environment. Both play a part in readability.
  • Make it bold. Bright, bold colors are eye-catching. Instead of soft shades, choose contrasting colors. With six-color digital inkjet technology, your brand's colors will be accurately represented.
  • Check and recheck. Ask one or two people to read the message to ensure the spelling and grammar are correct.

Say it often

If space is limited or you want multiple copies of your message, posters are the perfect solution. Use them for presentations, trade shows, events and in-store signage. You can turn nearly any digital file or original image into a sharp and sturdy poster ready for display.

To create an eye-catching laminated and foam-board-mounted poster, go to the Poster Printing section at FedEx Office® Print Online.

Get started today

Why wait to attract customers? Go online to learn more about creating custom banners and posters using FedEx Office Print Online.

Or work with our skilled team members at your nearby FedEx Office location. With more than 1,800 FedEx Office locations nationwide, you're sure to find one near you.

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