FedEx Web Services for Office and Print

  • Web Services for Office and Print

Get connected to FedEx Office.

With FedEx Web Services for Office and Print, you now have the power to create your own custom, highly efficient print solutions. Whether your document-centric workflow revolves around a creative software suite, proprietary document management system or a productivity application, with connectivity to FedEx Office built into the business software you use most, you can upload documents, declare finishing and binding intent and place your print orders more conveniently and efficiently than ever.

Is FedEx Web Services the right solution?

If you want to integrate FedEx Office printing and finishing functionality within your business applications, FedEx Web Services makes it easy to do so. FedEx Web Services is integration technology based on the new generation of business-to-business standards. It provides you with code “templates” so you can send transactions directly to FedEx Office and FedEx Office can send information directly back to you.

FedEx Office offers two Web Services options:

  • Print Online Web Service
    Access FedEx OfficeSM Print Online from within the software you use most. Direct document upload capabilities combined with a rich, step-by-step order interface makes this quick and easy integration option extremely powerful.
  • Office Order Web Service
    Designed for companies seeking to seamlessly connect their existing document workflow directly to FedEx Office, integrating the flexible Office Order Web Service into your existing systems puts you back in total control.

Optimize and control your document lifecycle.

Whether you are searching for opportunities to improve your document lifecycle or you are ready to capitalize on those you have already identified, FedEx Web Services for Office and Print can help.

  • Improve Efficiency
    Improve the efficiency of your existing document lifecycle to linking your document creation and approval processes directly to FedEx Office print and finishing services.
  • Establish Consistency
    Establish a consistent, cross-organization channel for ordering printing and finishing services by controlling document access, service options, payment methods and spending limits from within your own systems.
  • Eliminate Redundancy
    Eliminate the need to create and manage a duplicate document library hosted by your print service provider. Web Services offers you the capability to submit files to FedEx Office on-demand directly from within your existing, internal document repository.

Implement rapidly with Web Services.

We understand that in today’s business environment development resources can be tight and project schedules even tighter. Fortunately, integration with FedEx Office is easy to justify and even easier to actualize.

  • Integrate features into your existing software.
    Building features like location selection, on-demand file upload, order rating and purchase, e-mail confirmation and more into your existing software consolidates both maintenance and support, saving you time and money.
  • Make development a simpler, quicker process.
    As a cross-platform, cross-application, easy development technology, FedEx Web Services works seamlessly with standard programming platforms.
  • Get end-to-end support from FedEx in a secure environment.
    We’ll provide you with the support needed for a successful implementation using Web Services technology:
    - Printing and finishing expertise
    - Solution planning guidance
    - Documentation and code templates
    - Testing and production environment support

Access the FedEx Developer Resource Center.

The FedEx Developer Resource Center is specifically designed to support FedEx integration technology. With it, you and your developers have a single online portal to download Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) files, technical documentation, sample code, timely announcements, and clear communication of requirements and processes – all the resources and support you need for integration.

To take advantage of FedEx Web Services for Office and Print, begin by registering at Upon registering, you will have access to the following developer materials:

  • FedEx Web Services for Office and Print Developer Guide
    Provides an overview of FedEx Web Services for Office and Print and outlines the steps required for successful development, certification, and deployment of FedEx Office integrated solutions.
  • WSDLs
  • Sample software code
    C#, C++,, Java, PHP

FedEx Office is here to help.

Whether you require technical consultation during the development of your FedEx Web Services for Office and Print implementation, or just need assistance determining if Web Services is the right solution for your business, our customer technology consultant team is here for you.

If you need technical consultation, just inform your FedEx Office Sales executive. They will ensure that a FedEx Office customer technology consultant contacts you regarding your request.

Ready to get started?

To find out which option is right for your business and to get started with FedEx Web Services for Office and Print, go to the FedEx Developer Resource Center.