Online Printing - FAQs

Answers to your questions and step-by-step instructions on how to use FedEx Office Print Online.

Optional Registration

  • Do I have to sign in to use FedEx Office® Print Online?

Registration is optional. To register, click on “Register” from the FedEx Office® Print Online  Homepage, and complete your full profile: contacts, billing, preferred location, and FedEx Office Reward & Loyalty information.


  • Why should I register?
  • Receive promotional offers
  • Save any documents to “My Online Documents” for future use
  • Accumulate points with any qualified online purchase with your “My FedEx Office Rewards & Loyalty Number”
  • Save incomplete orders
  • Track orders online
  • Reprint orders from your saved job list
  • Easily view your Order History and Re-order

  • What if I cannot remember my password?

We will send an email message with your password when you click “Login” and enter your User ID, usually your email address. Or retrieve it, by answering your security questions.


  • How do I retrieve my password using validation code?

To obtain your password, go to

Click on the 'LogIn' link in the upper right-hand corner.

Click on “Forgot your password?” under the ‘Log In’ section.

Enter your email address (User ID) and click "Continue."

Your password reminder questions and Validation Code Request will appear.

Click on the "Request a Validation Code" button.

The following message will appear "Please check your email and enter the validation code from FedEx Office® Print Online here. Your validation code was sent to"

An automatic email is sent to the email address listed in your profile with a validation code. Either copy the validation code or click on the link titled "Click Here To Enter the Validation Code".

NOTE: The validation code is only valid for 24 hours. Once the validation code is used it is no longer valid. If another validation code is requested the previous validation code is no longer valid.

If you copied the Validation Code paste it into the Validation Code field on the FedEx Office® Print Online site and click on "Continue". If you clicked on the link you will be prompted to enter your User ID again and then click on "Continue".


  • How do I retrieve my password using password reminder questions?

Click on the 'LogIn' link in the upper right-hand corner.

Click on “Forgot your password?” under the “Log In” section.

Enter your User ID (may be your email address) and click "Continue".

Your password reminder questions and Validation Code Request will appear.

Your password reminder questions will appear. Enter the answers to your password reminder questions and click "Continue". If you cannot remember the answers to your password reminder questions you can still have your password reset by using validation code.

You will be prompted to create a new password. Enter your new password twice in the required fields and click on "Continue".

You will see a message that your password has been updated; click “Continue” to log in to your account.

An automatic email is sent to the email address listed in your profile notifying you that your password has been changed.


1. Which file types are supported?

The standard file formats accepted are listed below. You can still upload non-standard file formats to FedEx Office® Print Online; however, no preview or pricing will be available. You will be able to enter the details of your order under the special instructions field.  A team member will contact you to confirm the details of your order.


File Format File Extension
Portable Document Format (Abode Acrobat)
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Excel
Rich text file
Text file

2. Which page sizes are supported (US orders)?

1.  8.5” x 11”
2.  8.5” x 14”
3.  11” x 17”
4.  Resize your documents to one of the standard document sizes of 8.5” x 11”, 8.5” x 14”, or 11”x17”


3. What happens if I upload an unsupported file type or page size?

Our site will prompt you to the Additional Action Required page, where you can enter special instructions about how to process your order, then continue setting up  printing and binding options. A team member will contact you to confirm the details of your order.


4. Do I have other options for uploading unsupported file types?

Yes. Before uploading your files, you may convert your files to PDF in the supported page sizes or use the FedEx Office® Printer.


5. Can I upload multiple files?

Yes. Upload multiple files by clicking the Browse button on the “Upload Files” page.  Select as many files as you wish by clicking the “Open” button.


6. What is the maximum file size accepted?

100 MB in size per file.


7. Can I set up different print options for each uploaded file?

Yes. Multiple files within one order can have different paper types, printing and binding options.


8. How do I combine files into one order?

  • Click “Setup a document”.
  • Select one of the options where your file is located. (From your computer, My Online Documents, or from Cloud Storage).
  • Select the files you wish to combine. To choose multiple file, press “CTRL” button first and click to highlight the files you wish to combine, and click “Open”.
  • When promoted, with a screen asking to combine the files into one document, click “yes, combine”.


9. Can I uncombine files?

Yes. Click on the “uncombine” link to separate the combined files into individual files.


10. Can I upload and combine files of mixed page orientation?

Yes.  You may upload and combine files of mixed orientation (landscape and portrait). When you do, FedEx Office® Print Online automatically combines your files based on the orientation of the first uploaded file.  FedEx Office® Print Online will not allow you to keep mixed page orientations, but this information can be entered into Special Instructions.


11. Can I have my order printed, bound and shipped using FedEx Office® Print Online?

With FedEx Office® Print Online, you can print, bind and ship your order from any internet-enabled computer.


12. What if I don’t see the feature I need?

When setting up printing options, click “Add Special Instructions”. Enter l instructions about processing your order and select "Save Instructions”.


13. Will you print copyrighted files?

FedEx Office Terms and Conditions prohibit the printing of any materials that are the subject of, or which infringe upon, any patent, trademark, trade name, trade secret, copyright, right of publicity, moral right or other intellectual property right of another person or entity.

You are required to check the Terms and Conditions box on the Order Confirmation page, indicating that you have read and agree to the FedEx Office Terms and Conditions, before placing your order.


14. Can I save an order and return later to finish setting it up?

Yes. If you are registered and signed in your work will be saved to finish later.


15. Why would I add special instructions to my order?

  • You do not see the option you need.
  • You want to include additional information about how to produce your order.
  • You attempt to upload an unsupported file type and page size.


16. How do I add special instructions?

Select Add special instructions link (optional) and enter l instructions about processing your order.

When using special instructions, the following are unavailable:

  • Preview the order online.
  • Receive pricing and pay online.
  • Delivery via FedEx Office® pickup and delivery service.


17. What action is required when adding special instructions to an order?

When you add special instructions to an order, a center team member will call you within 30 minutes to complete your order. You can always phone the center if you would prefer.


18. Which international centers can accept FedEx Office® Print Online orders?

Only centers designated as English-speaking can produce FedEx Office® Print Online orders.


1. How do I know my order will print correctly?

Proof your order before submitting using our preview feature.


2. Can I preview my international order online?

For most international orders, online preview, pricing, payment, tracking and shipping are not available. Preview is available in North American centers, including Canada.

FedEx Office Printer

1. What is FedEx Office® Printer?

A print driver that once downloaded to your desktop, allows you to print from the most common applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat, directly to any nationwide location.


2. Why should I use FedEx Office® Printer?

For your convenience, work on a presentation on Microsoft Power Point, for example, that you need printed. Once you finish click to print and select the FedEx Office ® Printer under the list of installed printers in your computer. This will automatically upload your document to FedEx Office ® Print Online. Log in, set your print and finishing options, save your document online, and place your order.

Note: In order to use FedEx Office® Printer you will need to download and install the software to your computer.


3. What are the minimum requirements to download FedEx Office® Printer?

  • Windows 7(32 bit), XP, and Vista. Browser requirements are Internet Explorer 6.0 or later. At least 512MB of memory is recommended.
  • Administrative access to your computer may be necessary to install this software.


1. What delivery options are available?

  • Pick up your order at one of our nationwide locations
  • Ship it using FedEx® shipping
  • Use local delivery for the same day through FedEx Office® pickup and delivery service, for a fee.


2. If I pick up my order, how will I know when my order is ready?

FedEx Office® Print Online provides you with an estimated completion time and date based on the printing and options you selected.   Special Instruction orders do not include an estimated completion time.


3. What if I need my order before FedEx Office® Print Online says it will be ready?

You may call the center to see whether they can produce your order in less time.


4. Can I choose the FedEx Office location I want to print my order?

Yes, when you choose the “pick up order” option. If registered, you can store your favorite center location in your preferences. Or, enter your ZIP code to find a location, hours of operation, map and directions. . If you select the shipping option then we will select a location for you.


5. If I ship my order, which FedEx shipping options are available?

  • FedEx First Overnight®, FedEx Priority Overnight®, FedEx Standard Overnight®, FedEx 2Day®, FedEx Express Saver®, FedEx Ground® and FedEx Home Delivery®.
  • A link on the Ship via FedEx page takes you to a description of each shipping service.


6. How do I know when my FedEx order will ship?

On the Order Confirmation page, a shipping date is provided.

Note: Shipping dates are dependent upon the selected order options. Sometimes orders cannot be shipped the same day they are produced because they cannot be printed and packed by the 7 p.m. pick-up time. To determine when your order will arrive at its final destination, consider the shipping date and the selected FedEx Office shipping service.


7. How do I pay for shipping?

For orders without special instructions, use your FedEx Shipping Account, FedEx Office Commercial Account or credit card to pay online. For orders with special instructions, pay in center.


8. How does the site know how much my order will cost to ship?

FedEx Office® Print Online calculates shipping based on the weight of your order and your destination zip code.  FedEx Office® Print Online will always route the order to your closest FedEx Office® Print and Ship Center, lowering the shipping cost for you and lessening the delivery time.


9. Can I ship jobs within one order to separate locations?

No, one order with multiple jobs can only be shipped to a single destination.


10. If I have my order couriered, who will deliver my order?

FedEx Office® pickup and delivery service will deliver your order for a fee. This service is available in select locations.


11. Does someone need to be present to receive my couriered order?

Yes. FedEx Office® pickup and delivery service will only deliver an order to the named recipient or to someone who is willing to sign off on it on their behalf such as an office receptionist An order will not be left without a signature unless specifically instructed by the sender, or the recipient. 


12. Is FedEx Office pickup and delivery service available at all FedEx Office locations?

No, it’s available at select locations to destinations within a thirty miles radius. Orders with special instructions cannot be delivered via this service.


13. Can I FedEx Office pickup and delivery service jobs within one order to separate locations?

No, one order can only be couriered to a single location.


14. During what hours is the FedEx Office pickup and delivery service available?

Between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. local time Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.


1. How much will my order cost?

  • Pricing is based on the selected printing and binding options, delivery method and producing center location. The total price, including taxes and shipping costs, displays on the Order Confirmation page.  Pricing is not available online with special instructions orders.
  • If a promo code or National Discount Card number is entered (click Apply discount), the discount will appear on the Order Confirmation page.
  • If your FedEx Office Commercial Account is used (click Update price), the discount will appear on the Order Confirmation page.


2. Do I have to pay online?

  • Yes.  To process an online order produced in the U.S., you must pay for your order using a credit card or a FedEx Office Commercial Account.
  • If you add special instructions, you must pay in center.


3. Which credit cards are accepted?

  • American Express,  VISA, MasterCard,  Diners Card and Discover
  • FedEx Shipping Account to pay for shipping


4. Can I pay for my order using a FedEx Office Commercial Account?

Yes.  Enter your account number on the Order Confirmation page, and click the Update Price

Note:  orders paid for by account are discounted. Only one discount can be applied per order. When using your account to pay, promo codes or National Discount Card cannot be used.


5. Why can’t I see my pricing online?

When you add special instructions, pricing is not available online.  Call the center and speak to a team member to provide pricing information.


6. Can I use FedEx Office® Print Online  for my tax-exempt order?

Yes. Indicate your tax-exempt status on the “Add Special Instructions” page, accessible from a link on the Set Print Options page.

For frequent tax-exempt orders, contact a center manager to learn how to apply for a FedEx Office Commercial Account.


7. How can I get a receipt for my online order?

  • After placing your order, the Thank You for Your Order page appears. Print this page as your receipt.
  • If you are signed in, when placing your order, visit the Order History to view and print details about your orders, or use your order confirmation email as a receipt.


8. How do I apply a discount or enter a promo code?

Enter your promo code or National Discount Card number on the Order Confirmation page and Click “Apply Discount”


9. Are volume discounts applied?

Yes. Volume discounts are displayed.


10. Can I apply a discount when paying with my FedEx Office Commercial Account?

No, orders paid for with a FedEx Office Commercial Account are already discounted. Only one discount per order can be applied.

If you prefer to use a promo code or a National Discount Card, select another payment method.


11. How can I verify that a discount was applied to my order?

Check your order confirmation page or call 1.800.GoFedEx  1.800.463.3339 to speak to a customer relations team member


1. Can I track my order online?

Yes.  Select track order.  Special instructions orders have limited tracking capabilities.


2. How do I track my order?

  • Sign in, highlight the order from your saved job list and click the “Track Order”.  The Order Summary page appears, displaying details about the order.
  • If you are not signed in, enter your order number on the Order Status & Tracking page.

Note: To save your order history, you must be signed in when placing an order.


3. Where is my order number?

When you place a FedEx Office® Print Online order, you receive a confirmation email.  This email contains your unique order number, called a GTN.


4. Can I track an order if I wasn’t signed in when submitting it?

If you are not signed in when submitting your order, you will have limited tracking capabilities. Contact the center and speak with a team member.


5. Can I track an order with special instructions?

Special instructions order has limited tracking capabilities.  Contact the center and speak to a team member.


6. How can I view my order history?

If you are registered, select “View Past Orders” from the Homepage of FedEx Office® Print Online. Click the desired tracking number to view your order summary.


7. Why don’t I see my order in my saved in my Order History?

If you are not registered and signed in when placing an order, your orders will not be stored.


8. How long will my orders be stored?

6 months, if you are registered and signed in when placing an order, Click on the “View Past Orders” to view the Order History and the list of jobs you can reorder. 


1. How do I reprint an order?

  • When ordering, register and sign in to reprint in the future from your Order history: Click on the “View Past Orders” link
  • Check off the box next to the job you wish to reprint and click the “Reorder” button
  • Following the on-screen instructions, change any printing, binding and shipping options, or simply submit the order as is.


If you require content changes, you must update the original file and reload it before setting up your print options.


2. What if I don’t see the order I want to reprint?

If you do not register and sign in when placing an order, your order will not be stored in your Order History.


3. Can I change the content of an order before reprinting it?

If content changes are required, you must update the original file and reload it before setting up your print options.

My Online Documents

1. Why should I save my documents in a personal catalog (My Online Documents)?

  • 24/7 anywhere, anytime access
  • Save time and be efficient:  Save your print and finishing options and order the same document as many times as you need.
  • Free and unlimited online storage: Save  your most frequently used print materials,   organized and readily available for printing.


2. What type of documents can be saved in My Online Documents (for example, native files, fully or partially configured documents).

Upload and save any file to My Online Documents. Once you upload, you can select any print or finishing options available. Save your unfinished document for later use.


3. How long are documents available in My Online Documents?

Documents saved in My Online Documents do not expire.


4. How do I save a document into My Online Documents?

  • Login or Register for FedEx Office® Print Online
  • Click  “Set up a document”
  • Select where your document is stored ( desktop, cloud)
  • Select files to upload and save.  Click “open”.
  • If you would like to save the document without any options, click on the “Save to My Online Documents”. Save the document on the main “My documents folder” or add a folder before saving your document.


5. How do I set print and finishing options to a document and save it to My Online Documents?

  • Click on “Set Print Options”
  • Select your paper type, binding or stapling options and click “Save for later to My Online Documents”


6. During the order process, when can I save a document to My Online Documents?

  • Once you place an order, save your recently ordered document to My Online Documents before leaving.
  • For unfinished orders, Save the document for later use by clicking “Save for later to My Online Documents”


7. Why am I being asked if I want to save my document?

For your convenience, save your document to My Online Documents as well as your, printing and finishing options. 


  • Save time in the future if you need to re-print the same document.
  • Access your document at anytime, anywhere.

Order re-routing and order cancellations.

1. I placed an order but now I want to make changes to that order.

If placed online, then the order will need to be canceled and a new order should be placed. This depends on if the center has started processing your order).  To cancel the order, call customer relations.


2. What do I need to do to cancel my order?

Call customer relations at 1.800.GoFedEx  1.800.463.3339


3. What should I do if I want to route my order to another production location?

Call Customer Relations at 1.800.GoFedEx  1.800.463.3339


4. My order was not completed to my satisfaction and I need a refund.

Call Customer Relations at 1.800.GoFedEx  1.800.463.3339