eBay Valet at FedEx Office

Bring your items to a participating FedEx Office, and we’ll pack and ship them for free to a selling expert at eBay Valet.

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  • eBay Valet group of item examples such as a purse, roller blades, electronics and food mixer.

Start selling in three simple steps

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Bring your items to FedEx Office.

Bring in your high-value electronics, apparel, musical instruments, sporting goods and more.

See top-selling items

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Relax while our team members and eBay Valets do the work.

A FedEx team member will verify item condition and eligibility before packing and shipping your items to an eBay Valet, who will then photograph, list, sell and ship them for you.

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Get paid up to 80% of the selling price.

Now you’re ready. Find a participating FedEx Office location.


Check out top-selling items

a smart phone in a blue circle


Tablets, laptops, smartphones, game consoles

Designer handbag

 Designer Shoes and Handbags

High-end shoes and handbags, new or in great condition

an acoustic guitar in a blue circle

  Musical Instruments

Guitars, trumpets, keyboards and more

 a mixer appliance

  Small Appliances

Stand mixers, blenders, espresso makers

a set of golf clubs in a blue circle

  Sporting Goods

Golf clubs, tennis rackets, golf bags

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much will I earn?

The money you earn depends on the final selling price of your item.

Pricing chart for eBay Valet at FedEx Office

2. How will I be paid?

Your earnings will be deposited in your PayPal account approximately one week after the buyer pays. If you don’t have a PayPal account, PayPal will automatically send you an email with instructions for opening an account and accessing your payment.

3.What happens to my items after I drop them off?

Once you drop your items off at a FedEx Office location, a FedEx Office team member will securely pack and ship the items to an eBay Valet. The eBay Valet will then photograph, list and sell your items. Once an item sells, the Valet will ship the item to the buyer.

4. How are items priced and listed?

When you drop off items, a FedEx Office team member will show you comparable prices to get an estimated value for each item. Your items will then be shipped to your eBay Valet at no cost to you. Finally, your eBay Valet will research similar items to determine an optimal price and format for your listing.

5. What happens if my items don’t sell?

Unsold items are returned free of charge, typically within one week after the close of the auction.

6. See what items aren’t allowed?

Damaged goods
Anything torn, stained, broken or unauthentic

Heavy pieces
Items weighing more than 25 pounds (except for golf clubs and musical instruments)

$24.99 or less
Items worth less than $25

Prohibited products
Items prohibited from sale on eBay (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons, hazardous materials)

Fragile objects
Highly fragile or breakable items

7. How can I learn more from eBay?

Learn more at ebay.com/dropoff or call 1-855-USE-EBAY(1-855-873-3229).