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Direct Mail Services

Take the first step in growing your business with FedEx Office Direct Mail Services. Your next direct mail campaign is just around the corner with postcards, letters and self mailers.

Start growing your business today.

Direct mail is one of the most cost-effective tools you can use to communicate with your target audience and inspire new customers to inquire about your business. But the biggest advantage of direct mail is its ability to make personal, one-to-one contact with customers and prospects at a relatively low cost with a high return on investment. 

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Create targeted messages for your target audience.

At FedEx Office Print & Ship CentersSM, we offer the convenience of a one-stop resource where you can take advantage of all of our services or just have us help you with a few steps in the process. It’s up to you. We offer a full array of services to get your direct mail piece into the hands of the consumers you want to reach, including:

  • Document creation to match your business needs
  • Printing to accommodate any budget
  • Professional folding, inserting, sealing and postage application services
  • Customer list services to help you find your target audience
  • Address cleansing, verification and updating, save on postal costs by eliminating undeliverable addresses
  • Personalization services: creating one-to-one marketing mail pieces
  • Postage services that take advantage of the best possible postage rates

Purchase Mailing List Services

Creating your next direct mail campaign is simple.

Here’s all you need to do:

  • Write your message
  • Determine the format (postcard, letter, or self-mailing)
  • Compile your address list
  • Design your layout
  • Determine the mail class

Here’s what we’ll do for you:

  • Create your layout and print it
  • Fold, stuff and insert it (letters and envelopes)
  • Address cleanse your list
  • Add personalization
  • Address print and pre-sort it
  • Deliver it to the U.S. Post Office

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