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Does FedEx Ship&Get cost additional money to use?

No. You can pick up or drop off packages using FedEx Ship&Get at no added cost. If you’re a FedEx account holder and wish to create a shipping label at the locker, you'll pay the same FedEx rates based on your FedEx account number.

What sizes and types of shipments can I send and receive?

You can ship via FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground® and FedEx Home Delivery® services. Some restrictions apply. Eligible packages can measure up to 15" w x 22" d x 17" h and weigh up to 70 lbs.

How often do outgoing shipments get picked up?

FedEx Express and FedEx Ground will pick up outgoing packages from FedEx Ship&Get lockers Monday through Friday.

Do I need a FedEx account to ship or receive packages?

No. Anyone can receive packages or drop off a pre-labeled package at a FedEx Ship&Get location. You can either use a FedEx account number, or choose to ship using a credit card to print a shipping label at the locker.

How long will a package be held in a locker?

Five business days — the same as our current Hold at FedEx Location policy. After that time, the FedEx Express or FedEx Ground driver will remove the package from the locker. Expired packages may be returned to the shipper at the shipper’s expense.

What are the hours of operation for FedEx Ship&Get lockers?

You can access the lockers 24/7 at most DFW area locations.

Can I receive package status notifications?

Yes. When you request to redirect a package to a FedEx Ship&Get locker, you can provide your phone number or email address to receive a notification when the package is available for pickup at the locker.

Can I ship internationally via FedEx Ship&Get lockers?

You can drop off pre-labeled FedEx Express® international shipments, but cannot drop off FedEx Ground® international shipments or create international shipping labels at the locker.

Where are FedEx Ship&Get lockers currently located and how can I find them?

You can find FedEx Ship&Get lockers at many FedEx Office locations, and several other retail locations in the Dallas area. You can find a link to the locations on the FedEx Ship&Get homepage or go to and search by ZIP code to see if a FedEx Ship&Get locker is in your area.

What if I need help at the FedEx Ship&Get locker?

Getting help is easy. Just use the “Need Assistance?” feature on the FedEx Ship&Get locker to get detailed on-screen instructions or talk directly to a FedEx customer service representative.