When you work with a company that has a simple yet elegant business philosophy – engineer and build the finest quality audio and video electronics – you’re motivated by the enthusiasm they have for their product. When a FedEx rep started working with Dan Laufman at Emotiva, his passion became hers.

After several years as an audio electronics manufacturer for other companies, Dan Laufman wanted to introduce his own brand of electronics built around two of his passions: music and home theater. The challenge was to bring the same high-quality equipment he was manufacturing for others and offer that directly to the consumer, eliminating the middleman and making his product available at a price no one else could offer.

Dan’s company, Emotiva, is comprised of true audio enthusiasts, engineers and product specialists. Everyone in the company – from the engineering team to the manufacturing group to the support staff – has one goal in mind: offer their customers the ultimate home entertainment experience.

Dan and his team at Emotiva are truly passionate about what they do and they bring that enthusiasm to every aspect of how they do business. From the attention to detail in the design and manufacturing to the way they ship their final product. And that’s where FedEx came in.

Over the past three years FedEx has been working with Emotiva, Emotiva has seen a considerable jump in business. Their FedEx rep explains the jump this way, “Originally, they were not using international shipping because they were nervous about how it would work. But FedEx was able to convince them to try it and offered a competitive price. Three years later, their shipping needs are primarily international.”

Emotiva’s FedEx rep goes on to tell us, “Emotiva is the only company with such high-end products that can ship internationally without worry. No one else can ship that type of equipment at such a low price, which in turn has made their company blossom.” Consequently, their U.S. shipping has taken off because of their international expansion.

Emotiva uses FedEx Ground® and FedEx Home Delivery® for their domestic shipping needs. They also use FedEx Freight® and are starting to use FedEx Trade Networks®. Additionally, they take advantage of all of the fedex.com online services including billing, label creation, tracking and scheduling pickups.

Dan explains his relationship with his FedEx rep in simple terms: “She always finds the best quality at the best price.” And that’s a philosophy he can relate to.

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