FedEx Case Study: M-Edge Accessories

When a niche market provider wanted to ship his product internationally, he chose a shipping provider who could accelerate his shipping time while also reducing his international documentation. Patrick Mish founded M-Edge Accessories in 2006 in his garage. Since then, he’s watched his company become the industry leader in providing high-quality, stylish eReader accessories. In the last four years, M-Edge developed several lines of eReader enhancing accessories for a wide variety of eReader devices including Kindle, nookTM, Sony Reader Daily Edition, and the recently announced Apple iPad.

So when Patrick wanted to expand his shipping offerings for international customers, he contacted FedEx. From the outset, M-Edge wanted to ensure a simplified and easy international customer experience. They wanted to be able to pay the duty and tax and have the customer receive the shipments without any customs issues. And that’s where FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents proved invaluable. Beginning in November 2009, M-Edge participated as a FedEx Electronic Trade Documents beta customer. After using this new international shipping solution for a few months, M-Edge gained a number of operational efficiencies. Patrick explains,“All we need to do is place a label on the package and we’re done. From a productivity standpoint, FedEx Electronic Trade Documents reduces the number of steps required to process our international shipments. FedEx Electronic Trade Documents saves us substantial time in the order fulfillment process.”

As an added bonus to processing trade documents more easily and quickly, M-Edge loves the fact that FedEx Electronic Trade Documents requires less paper and helps them reduce their carbon footprint. But M-Edge doesn’t just ship internationally. They also switched to FedEx to ship domestically — using everything from express services to home delivery services. M-Edge’s FedEx rep explains, “Initially, M-Edge had a high volume of shipping with another shipping provider and was only interested in getting rates for FedEx import business. But when we asked about their domestic shipping needs, M-Edge admitted that while their costs were low, the tracking was very difficult. Patrick acknowledged that it was a challenge for their customers to get the information they needed. So they made the switch to FedEx.”

Between the ease of use, efficiencies gained and additional peace of mind of using FedEx Electronic Trade Documents for international shipping, and the exceptional tracking capabilities for domestic shipping, Patrick and FedEx have developed a partnership that works seamlessly.