FedEx Case Study: VeryVera

Only with FedEx can a bakery in Augusta, GA effectively become a “Local Bakery” to all of America.

In 1993, a former home economics teacher with a small catering business decided to start a mail-order subsidiary to distribute her baked goods to a broader audience, since the local economy was slowing down. As a result, VeryVera was born.

Founder Vera Stewart’s recipe to bring her “homemade cakes, like grandmother made” to the masses was relatively simple. Select the best traditional recipes, blend in an unmatched willingness to get it all done, and stamp every box with “America’s Local Bakery.” She knew that attention to consistency and presentation would preserve the tradition in her product, but who would preserve the cakes themselves as they journeyed to awaiting mouths all over the country?

Anytime the contents of a shipment are perishable, additional considerations need to be made. Ask Vera and she will tell you, “if something is two days late, it’s in the trash can.” She needed a shipping provider who not only understood the time sensitivity of her business but one who could accommodate all of the variables in the process.

Vera thought she had found these solutions with another shipping provider. But it wasn’t until she was approached by a FedEx account executive that Vera realized what teamwork could accomplish. FedEx introduced Vera to a new level of customer service to help solidify relationships with Vera’s customers. She also brought in fully integrated software to help simplify shipping and introduced Vera to FedEx® Billing Online. Plus, the district sales manager often visits the bakery with perfected packaging tips.

Today VeryVera ships confections rich with taste and tradition all over the country directly from their Augusta bakery. With publications like Gourmet, InStyle, Southern Living, The New York Times and Oprah documenting Vera’s efforts and vendors such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus selling her products, it seems that she has delivered “America’s Local Bakery” with a little help from family, friends and FedEx.