The Cubbyhole

Thirty years ago, Steve and Debi Ciaccio started creating hand-crafted wooden toys for their newborn son. After visiting several Arts & Crafts shows, they realized the great demand for personalized, handcrafted wooden toys and children's furniture, leading to the creation of The Cubbyhole out of Chicago, IL. The Cubbyhole currently has 15 employees.

The Cubbyhole currently does the majority of its business through their own Web site, as well as through third-party catalogs. The Cubbyhole business model requires drop-shipping directly to the customer's home, which means a reliable shipping service is a priority.

For the first 30 years of their business' existence, the Cubbyhole was a loyal UPS customer. They had a FedEx account but just never used it. In February 2008, however, their interest in FedEx was piqued when one of their third-party catalogs asked The Cubbyhole if they could ship via FedEx. With the help of their FedEx account executive and attractive FedEx incentives like My FedEx Rewards and overall personalized support, The Cubbyhole became a FedEx customer.

The Cubbyhole may have switched to FedEx just recently, but they certainly aren't looking back. "We're tickled to death with FedEx," Steve says. He's a huge fan of My FedEx Rewards, and has already used the Home Depot gift card he earned to buy spring flowers to plant outside his office.

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