Insight Partners

David Seibel and Patrick McWhinney are accustomed to negotiating – in fact, it's the basis of their business. But when it comes to their shipping and printing needs, they won't budge. It's all FedEx, all the time.


After studying at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, the pair founded Insight Partners, an international association of professionals and academics that helps companies, governments and individuals negotiate, communicate and mediate more effectively. Their team of conflict management professionals helps Fortune 500 companies, governments and non-profit entities create value and improve working relationships.


When the company was founded in 2002, David and Patrick were the company's only employees, working from the kitchen table in David's apartment. Today, Insight Partners operates on a larger (and decidedly more professional) scale, with headquarters in Boston, and employees working on five continents.


Insight Partners creates customized workshops for high-profile clients around the globe, and they can't afford to have their materials arrive late or damaged. And David and Patrick "certainly don't have the time to deal with high-maintenance vendors, which is why we've stuck with FedEx," says David. "The FedEx sales reps have been great about helping us find ways to be more cost-effective and find better deals," says David.


For Insight Partners, it's not just about the shipping. They also depend heavily on the services of FedEx Office, and were thrilled when Kinko's became a part of FedEx back in 2004. They use FedEx Office for all of their printing needs, from business cards to training materials to advertising.


Insight Partners' understanding and appreciation of the importance of relationships makes it hardly surprising that they have remained loyal to FedEx since day one. As David explains, "We choose FedEx because they are reliable and dependable. FedEx comes through for us each and every time. And we won't settle for anything less."