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Our portfolio of FedEx® shipping solutions is designed to help improve your operational efficiencies and transportation costs. Find solutions to help your small business ship within the U.S. and internationally and track the status of your shipments, pay your bills and manage all your shipping activity, so you can get back to the things that matter most.

Create a shipment online.

With FedEx Ship Manager® at, you can create shipment profiles and set preferences to cut back on the time it takes to complete your shipments.

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Create a shipment online

Schedule A Pickup

Request (or cancel) a courier for pickups of FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground®, or FedEx Freight® shipments.

Schedule a FedEx Ground return pickup
Create a FedEx Ground® Call Tag

Schedule a pickup

Get Rates & Transit Times

Use the Get Rates and Transit Times tool to compare rates and transit times for all available FedEx® services before you ship.

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View service maps

Get rates & transit times

Find FedEx® Locations

Now it's easy to find a FedEx location anywhere in the world. Search nearby locations, plot a route, or filter locations according to the services you need.

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Order Shipping Supplies

Order FedEx Express® and FedEx Ground® supplies in just a few clicks. Choose from a range of airbills, pouches, packaging, and labels — at no cost to you.

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Order shipping supplies

International Tools

Whether you're new to international shipping or a frequent shipper wanting to grow your business, FedEx can help.

Learn more about shipping internationally

International tools

Prepare and Manage Custom Documents

Prepare, store and reuse customs documents online with the FedEx Document Preparation Center on

Learn more about customs requirements

Prepare and manage custom documents

Shipping 101: How to Pack

We’ll show you how to pack your shipments — including the supplies you’ll need and how to properly pack your items.

Learn more

Shipping 101: How to pack


When you work with a company that has a simple yet elegant business philosophy, you’re motivated by the enthusiasm they have for their product.

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Case Study: Alaffia

When they chose a strategic provider to help guide their shipping needs, they wanted an exceptional company who embraced their philosophy.

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Case study: Allafia


A niche market provider chose a shipping provider who could accelerate the shipping time while also reducing the international documentation.

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No printer? No problem.

The Mobile Shipping Label lets you ship from your mobile device without ever needing a printer. Find out how you can use the new Mobile Shipping Label. It’s easy, convenient and free.

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No printer? No problem.

Create your Mobile Shipping Label.

Log in to and select “Create Shipment.” Complete the shipment details, selecting the “Send a Mobile Shipping Label” option at the bottom of your screen, and click “Ship.”

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Simply take your package to the nearest FedEx Office location or FedEx World Service Center®.

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We scan and ship for you.

We’ll scan the Mobile Shipping Label barcode directly from your mobile phone and ship your package.

We scan and ship for you.

Unleash the power of FedEx Web Services

FedEx Web Services enables you to integrate dynamic FedEx® shipping capabilities into your website. Your customers can ship, get rates, track the status of their shipments, validate addresses and process returns without ever leaving your site or logging in to Turn to FedEx Web Services to provide your customers with a more powerful user experience. Plus, FedEx Web Services can help improve your business processes and help your company run more efficiently. FedEx Web Services is powerful, easy to use and free!

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Unleash the power of FedEx Web Services