Travel Luggage-Free, Stress-Free

Bring your luggage to a FedEx Office or FedEx World Service Center® near you and we'll ship it to your destination. Plus, avoid wear and tear with our new FedEx Luggage Bags.

Preparing for an extended off-site business event? Or, better yet, planning your spring-break vacation? Or maybe you're returning home after a trek across the country. If you want to avoid the hassles related to checking your luggage at the airport, or you've got more articles to pack for your flight home than you did at the start of your journey, whatever the reason, don't let cumbersome luggage and unpredictable airline baggage fees get in the way. Let FedEx take care of it for you.

Shipping your luggage ahead is also perfect for transporting such extras as:

  • Seasonal clothing for multi-climate traveling.
  • Golf bags, tennis racquets and other sports equipment.
  • Business documents, projects and event materials.
  • Souvenirs and gifts.
A few days before your flight, simply bring your luggage to a FedEx Office location near you. You can also drop it off at any FedEx World Service Center, many of which are located close to airports.

Choose FedEx Ground® for economical delivery to have your luggage delivered wherever you need it in the U.S. within 1 to 5 business days, depending on your destination.1 If you must have your luggage within the next day or two, FedEx Express® is available for reliable delivery.

Then, after you get off the plane, you can skip the long baggage claim lines because your luggage will be waiting for you at your hotel, office or residence.2 Or you can take advantage of our Hold at FedEx Location option. With this convenient, free service, we deliver your luggage to any FedEx Office location and store it securely for you for up to five business days until you can pick it up.

Extra protection
You want to keep your luggage looking as good as new, but normal wear and tear can happen while traveling. To help protect your suitcases, we offer inexpensive recyclable FedEx Luggage Bags at FedEx Office and FedEx World Service Center locations. These durable plastic bags come in two sizes — large for luggage up to 29" x 23" x 11", and medium for luggage up to 29" x 20" x 10" — and are puncture- and tear-resistant.

We've also expanded our custom-built box offerings at FedEx Office to include items such as:
  • Golf bag box that will hold a golf bag and clubs.
  • Golf club tube box, which holds three to four clubs.
  • Heavy-materials double-wall box, specifically designed to fit a small suitcase or other similar-size items.
Restricted items
Many common household items, such as lighters, cologne and hairspray in aerosol cans, are considered dangerous goods and cannot be shipped in your luggage. Learn more.

For more information
Check out our luggage shipping services.

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13 to 7 business days delivery to Alaska and Hawaii.
2Hotels might charge a handling fee to hold and secure luggage.