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Look Good on Paper With Our Large Professional Prints

When an oversize document, photo, sign or banner is critical to your business or personal event, we can make you look good on paper with our professional, large-format prints.
Imagine you’re preparing for your presentation and it’s nearly complete, except for the large-graphic print you need for that extra “wow” factor. Or you’re at your construction site and the electrician needs a copy of the architectural drawing. Or the neighborhood garage sale is tomorrow morning, and you need to create a sign to direct passers-by.

Whatever your situation, FedEx Office can help make you look good on paper with our large-format prints. We have special printers to create the high-quality documents you need.

Use large-format prints for:
  • Presentations. Use as a teaching aid for any classroom; announce the agenda at town hall community meetings; highlight speakers’ material at athletic banquets or parent gatherings; and display orator’s facts at seminars. The large-format prints can be mounted and laminated for long-term and repeat use.

  • Photo prints. Display large photos of your son or daughter at their graduation party, or create a portfolio of architectural accomplishments to help land your next project.

  • Technical drawings. Print architectural drawings and blueprints, mechanical drawings and design sets, and electrical plans and overlays, with clearly produced, sharp details and fine lettering.

  • Directional signage. Instruct visitors on how to maneuver through a building or area for boutique or craft shows, garage and yard sales, graduation ceremonies and family reunions, conventions and seminars, school dances and open houses, or hospitals and clinics.
Count on us
You can print or copy these documents from your flash drive or hard copy, or scan them to file at a FedEx Office location. Or if it’s more convenient, one of our team members can do it for you. You can also send us a zipped file of your documents — we accept most file types — and we’ll print them. Then you can decide if you want to pick them up or have them shipped wherever you need them.

Rely on FedEx Office for:
  • Convenience. We’re open when you need us — even in the evenings and on weekends. And many locations are even open 24 hours. Find the location nearest you.

  • Reliability. If you need help printing or copying your large-format document — whether you’re in the office, at home or at FedEx Office — our team members are always available to answer any questions, or to print it for you.

  • Flexibility. Large-format prints are larger than 11" x17", and you can manually manipulate the size to fit your needs. They can also be reduced or enlarged, and printed, copied and scanned. You’ll want to consider where they’ll be displayed, who will be reading them, and the amount and size of text or graphics you’re including.

  • Precision, clarity and functionality. It’s critical that your finished products are clear, polished and professional-looking, not only for your current project, but for acquiring future projects as well.
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