The #11 FedEx Hauler

Our hauler has the critical task of delivering the #11 FedEx car to each race throughout the year.

Learn more about the hauler and track its location each week thanks to SenseAwareSM.

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SenseAware SAG

Real-Time #11 Hauler Position Using SenseAwareSM Technology

#11 FedEx Hauler

The hauler is a crucial piece of equipment that serves as the #11 team's hub for the 3 to 4 days typically spent at the track during the 38 race weekends. It typically requires two drivers rotating driving responsibility to keep up with the weekly schedule of hauling two cars and all the extra equipment that the team requires to and from the tracks. Now you can track the hauler as it moves across the country with our SenseAwareSM technology.

#11 Hauler Tour

#11 FedEx Race Transporter

#11 FedEx Race Transporter facts:

  1. Drivers - Frank Hodel, David Ott
  2. Hi-Tech 53' Hauler (78' including truck)
  3. Travels approximately 70,000 miles per season
  4. Weights between 78-80,000 lbs. fully loaded
  5. Peterbilt Rig (550 HP, 18 speed transmission)
  6. Holds 300 gallons of fuel at 4.5 mpg