FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics

The speed of the global supply chain isn't slowing, and neither are we. At FedEx®, we're continuing to invest in the technologies, services and team members that make every experience outstanding for our customers worldwide. Below are answers on how we're able to serve the evolving needs of our current and future customers no matter where they are located.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where does FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics have stocking locations?

 There are stocking locations available world-wide and with all of the global FedEx locations available through FedEx Express®, FedEx Trade Networks®, FedEx Office® and provider networks, we have the ability to quickly react to support your specific centers of demand.


Can FedEx also optimize transportation between my stocking locations?

Yes. FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics® works with you to meet or exceed your customers' service expectations. We don't just look at ways to make your distribution operations more efficient; we also look at ways to improve your transportation network so the end result is a long-term solution. We can help you:

  • Select the optimum fulfillment location, route and mode of shipping.
  • Source from multiple stocking locations when necessary to fill an order.
  • Provide access to pre-determined OEM or supplier stocking locations.


Does FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics provide network planning and analysis support?

Yes. With FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics, you don't receive a "one-size-fits-all" solution. Our team collaborates extensively with yours to make sure the stocking location network resources we put in place meet your long-term objectives.

  • Determine optimal stocking network design to meet required service level agreements.
  • Prepare "what if" scenarios that weigh the impact of changes to the number of geographic locations or service level agreements.
  • Measure transportation service and cost impacts.


What technology is used to manage critical shipments?

Global Supply Chain Manager technology has been custom built to support the local, regional or global movement of your most critical service parts and finished goods Inventory. This is how it works:

  • Utilizes a single global system to reduce complexity and support global growth.
  • Supports multiple order placement and tracking options (EDI, web or phone and more) to give you more flexibility.
  • Enables real-time order and shipment tracking.
  • Provides global inventory visibility and management.
  • Supports expedited order capabilities, using FedEx® International Next Flight, FedEx SameDay® and couriers.
  • Provides cost estimates, rate calculations and your specific service level agreement logic or business rules for more control.
  • Allows for optional monitoring of a critical order's milestones.
  • Supports asset recovery and returns capabilities.


What is FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics Command and Control?

With dedicated Command and Control customer support teams, we make monitoring and customer service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take and track orders and check stock levels. Command and Control serves as an extension of your team so you don't have to invest in staff to support your growing business. These are some of the services they support:

Order Processing

  • On-demand cost estimates and quotations
  • Optimized sourcing location and mode of transportation
  • Order entry, inventory allocation, release and execution
Dispatch Operations
  • Booking of next-flight-out shipments
  • Tendering to local couriers
Monitoring, Delay Detection and Recovery
  • Monitoring of orders, deliveries and returns
  • Proactive alerts and event notification
  • Delay detection and recovery
  • Escalation management


Do you support returns management?

Yes. We know how to close the loop on your post-sales and service supply chain, and we'll show you how it can be one of the best ways to maintain optimal stocking levels and contain your costs. Return services include:

  • Asset Exchange
  • Advanced Asset Exchange
  • Value-added Returns Monitoring
  • Asset recovery reporting
  • Call follow up
  • Routing Disposition
  • Rules-based disposition based on reason, code and condition
  • Inspection and Validation
  • Instructions and Notifications
  • Include instruction sheets with shipments or deliver via email
  • Request return shipment notification for repair location visibility to key events


What quality certifications have you received?

FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics stocking locations are ISO 9001 certified. Additionally, to meet the needs of healthcare customers, FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics also has an ISO 13485 certification.


What temperature-sensitive storage and shipping options are available?

Take advantage of our experience with handling temperature-sensitive products. With options ranging from ambient 2-8°C to deep frozen, FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics distribution centers can store your healthcare products while meeting the appropriate regulations and requirements. Then when it's time to ship, we can over-pack with your preferred packaging and dry ice or gel packs. Or utilize any number of the other FedEx HealthCare Solutions options for temperature controls.


What other value-added services can FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics provide?

We understand if you can get all of the "extras" through a single provider, it can simplify your operations. Because of this, we have integrated value-added services into our capabilities. For the healthcare sector, we can inspect, test, kit, package and label your finished goods, surgical instruments or kits and supplies so they're ready for distribution or restock. For high-tech customers, we can help you close the supply chain loop by speeding up the reverse cycle. We can inspect, test, kit, repackage and relabel your finished goods or spare parts.


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