FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics


Outsourcing your logistics operations can help to increase your competitiveness because it can allow you to regain focus on your core strengths. While you concentrate on what you do best, FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics® handles your mission-critical supply chain tasks — all while delivering the highest levels of operational excellence that can enhance your overall performance and profitability.

FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics has been developed to support customers' time-sensitive, high-value inventory. Healthcare and high-tech finished goods and spare parts logistics operations are two great examples of market segments that require critical logistics for urgent shipments. With FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics you get the ideal supply-chain combination including:

  • Skip the investment and the ongoing expense associated with building your own supply chain technology when you can rely on ours. Our Global Supply Chain Manager technology was custom created to support the global movement of your most critical service parts and finished goods.
  • View inventory around the corner or around the world. See an order — from order inception through proof of delivery — so that your field reps can rest at ease and carry less trunk stock and your warehouses can also carry less safety stock.
  • Reduce the number of tracking and order placement calls to your customer service center by accessing the global FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics order placement, inventory management and visibility tools. Through EDI or an application on, you can 'watch' over your supply chain.

  • Bring products to market faster with the globally integrated network of FedEx stocking locations that provide faster access to the new markets and new places where your products are needed most.
  • Service your customers more efficiently. Move inventory to locations that best match the local, central or global needs of your business and your customers.
  • Reinvest in other areas of your business that can drive revenue by utilizing our global stocking network rather than building your own.

  • Choose from a range of robust transportation service options to match your unique needs — from 1-hour courier and next-flight-out to next-day and second-day delivery and returns.
  • Take advantage of operational excellence on every level, including ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications and dedicated customer support teams.
  • Access our dedicated FedEx Command and Control customer support teams who will keep watch over your orders until they make it safely to their destinations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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