Fulfillment Services


FedEx® Fulfillment Services is a turnkey, modular, and scalable solution that, when integrated in your operations, provide you an end-to-end, supply chain offering designed and configured to meet your specific needs.


  • Global Distribution Center (GDC) in Memphis offers 24/7 - 365 day availability of your inventory
  • Late night access to FedEx World Hub and location convenient to FedEx Ground and Freight locations
  • Flexible, scalable multi-client facilities - GDC includes nearly 500,000 sq. ft. under roof
  • GDC is fully temperature controlled and monitored with a compliant temperature recording system
  • End-to-end custodial control through FedEx (when linked with FedEx operating companies)
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified business processes
  • Order management and administration configured to the requirements of your business
  • Complete management processes include pick, pack, and ship, kitting and return services
  • Inventory Administration including visibility of inbound, outbound, and static inventory within DCs and even web access to your data

How You Benefit

  • Improves your customer service and customer retention to companies regardless of location or time-zone
  • Increases flexibility and control with fast and configurable fulfillment solution
  • Accelerates response to market changes through flexible, scalable services
  • Cuts overhead costs by outsourcing warehouse and software needs and implementing a variable fee structure
  • Limits investment and risk for companies entering new market segments
  • Increases customer retention by improving the overall customer experience
  • Build customer loyalty and retention through personalized shopping experiences
  • Grow sales with online marketing services, such as targeted e-mail, coupons, and loyalty programs
  • Provide security, protect privacy, screen for fraud
  • Improve customer communications through e-mail, call centers, order confirmation and order numbers for tracking

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