Transportation Management Services


FedEx Transportation Management is an outsourced solution that offers you end-to-end transportation management: optimized, multi-modal, and door-to-door. It leverages the FedEx family of companies (along with a select group of core carriers) to help you improve operational efficiencies and customer service.


  • Review and analysis of your supply chain
  • Order administration
  • Shipment planning and management
  • Freight bill audit and payment
  • Invoice and report generation

How You Benefit

  • Enhance customer service - shipments managed to meet individual distribution requirements
  • Improve inventory management - gain consistent on-time delivery reducing need for safety stock
  • Increase asset and labor efficiency, eliminating need for internal transportation management applications or IT support and reduces transportation administration
  • Optimize transportation costs - choose optimal overall transportation solution from FedEx companies and core carrier networks to reduce costs
  • Reallocate resources - refocus your time and money on core competencies