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See how businesses just like yours are tapping into the power of FedEx. Whether you have a dedicated developer resource, no developer resources, or are a developer, you can gain valuable insights into how to integrate with FedEx.

FedEx Web Integration Solutions Case Studies

Read through a number of our FedEx Web Services case studies to learn how businesses like yours are taking advantage of powerful integration solutions with FedEx. FedEx Web Services allows you to integrate FedEx® shipping, tracking, rating, address validation, reporting tools, and more, directly into your website.

Custom Shipping Integration Helps MyLocker.net Shoot and Score

MyLocker.net is a Warren, Mich.–based e-commerce business that sells school apparel and team gear online. Customers from more than 110,000 K–12 schools have access to their own branded e-storefronts where they can instantly select and design products including T-shirts, sweatpants and gym bags for a favorite school, team or league.

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Custom shipping integration

Taking Advantage of Greater Rating Functionality With Truth Naturals

Truth Naturals is an online beauty store that is committed to using only natural, organic and plant-derived ingredients to create chemical-free and non-toxic skin care products. So when they decided to upgrade their rating Web Services Developers Language (WSDLs) to support greater functionality, they wanted to take a clear and simple route.

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Great rate functionality

Streamlining Shipping Labels With ShipJunction

FedEx Web Services was not only an attractive solution for ShipJunction because it streamlined their customers' web experience, but it was also an integration solution that wasn’t tied down to a geographic location. ShipJunction found that the FedEx Web Services technology helped to provide a fast and easy integration experience on their end.

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Streamlining shipping labels

Driving Home Reliability and Convenience With Ron Ayers Motorsports

With the help of FedEx, Ron Ayers Motorsports realized that FedEx SmartPost® could be easily integrated with their new website through FedEx Web Services, and also reduce their costs and improve operational efficiencies.

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Driving home reliability and convenience