Discovering a New Value-Added Service with Perry International

When you’re an international company that specializes in getting passports and visas to travelers in a hurry, you need a shipping company that can provide you with integrated services to expedite your product.

For over 50 years, Perry International has helped their clients procure passports and visas for international travel. Their work includes bringing documents to consulates, managing paperwork channels, and shipping visas and passports back to their clients. Since a large portion of their work is extremely time sensitive, Perry International had used certified mail almost exclusively. But about 10 years ago, they began using FedEx as their preferred method for overnight shipping.

Perry International began to look at integration opportunities and met with their FedEx representative about the FedEx Web Integration Wizard. It was Perry International’s Information Technology expert, Aaron Caplan, who decided it would be a good place to start. Soon after, the FedEx consultant team went to work. A FedEx integration specialist showed the staff what the wizard could offer, and Aaron realized that it could be a smart solution.

The FedEx Web Integration Wizard turned out to be an excellent solution for Aaron Caplan and his staff. He had been looking for an option for his customers to ship directly to Perry International, and the wizard offered the ability to print inbound labels from the browser. Initially, what he liked most was the simplicity of the tool. He tells us, “There’s a little bit of work involved, but you don’t need to know full-blown web services — or even programming itself — to get involved. You can work with the wizard, which gives you a web page that you can modify to fit your style on your website. It was a very easy way to get started. And it really simplified how the inbound shipments got set up.”

But simplicity wasn’t the only advantage the FedEx Web Integration Wizard brought to Perry International. Aaron reports, “It basically created a new added-value service for us. Our clients would normally pay the standard FedEx shipping rates for their documents. But now they don’t need to worry about that because the wizard expedites the inbound shipments. And because we get a discount for shipping, we can pass those savings along to our customers.”

Asked if he would recommend the FedEx Web Integration Wizard, Aaron responds, “I would definitely suggest taking a look at it. It doesn’t require you to hire an IT resource and it’s a good launching platform to getting more in-depth web services and programming.”

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