Finding Operational Efficiencies with Zara Wigs

High-quality hair replacement options are rarely easy to find, much less affordable. But Zara Wigs, a company based out of Northern California, found a way to provide both. And with the FedEx Web Integration Wizard, they also found a way to ship these unique products to clients quickly and efficiently.

Zara Wigs’ business model depends on their ability to provide a superior product at an affordable price. So when they began selling online early in 2003, they engaged FedEx services for express and international shipping.

Since the beginning, Zara Wigs has always looked for ways to streamline their business. Looking for a new way to increase productivity, they began researching for a new technology to help their business do just that. They wanted to keep customers on their website longer while offering them the opportunity to track their orders and view transit times. They were also hoping to lower operating costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Initially, Zara Wigs had utilized multiple computers to ship their product. While researching, they discovered the FedEx Web Integration Wizard. What Zara Wigs liked most is that it didn’t matter which computer an employee was on — anyone could incorporate the wizard from any desktop. They also liked that it significantly cut down data entry time. Plus, there was no software to worry about, so it was significantly faster than simply using their previous solution.

Asked what they liked most about the FedEx Web Integration Wizard, Miracle Wanzo, the owner and founder of Zara Wigs, responded with “speed.” She tells us, “We use the wizard primarily for creating labels quickly.” Zara Wigs also found it very easy to integrate. “We just did it ourselves. It sends out the code then lets you copy and paste it. And that’s what I liked; it didn’t require someone that was very technical and it only took about 20 minutes. It was just a matter of plugging in the code and making some modifications.” She adds, “We didn’t need someone to install a particular software — like the fulfillment centers. It’s all centralized so we didn’t have to worry about discrepancies.”

Increased customer satisfaction inspires repeat customers. And for a business like Zara Wigs, that is crucial. And when you add increased productivity, utilizing the FedEx Web Integration Wizard offers a win-win for everyone.

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