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Printer-Friendly Get More Control Over Your Shipments With Advance Notifications

Stay on top of potential shipping delays and increase your ability to provide timely, proactive customer service with FedEx Freight Advance Notice®.
What if you could receive an e-mail notification in the unlikely event your shipment was delayed, enabling you to immediately manage customer expectations? Now you can with FedEx Freight Advance Notice, a unique — and free — service available to you when you ship via FedEx Freight®.

This service, which was designed in response to your needs, gives you better visibility and control over your LTL (less-than-truckload) shipments. With FedEx Freight Advance Notice, you can:
  • Receive immediate notifications of shipment delays. On the unlikely occasion that a shipment is delayed beyond its estimated delivery date, you can receive a notice via e-mail or fax.
  • Answer customer questions before they’re even asked. By staying on top of your shipment’s status, you can be a hero in the unlikely event of a delay and reach out to your customers before their business is disrupted.
At FedEx Freight, we believe strongly in sharing information with you that enables you to contact your customers before they have questions, so you can add value to your business relationships. We want to help you plan for contingencies as soon as possible, turning potentially negative situations into opportunities for outstanding service.

FedEx Freight Advance Notice will apply to most direct shipments handled by FedEx Freight. This service is not available for FedEx National LTLSM shipments.

Try FedEx Freight Advance Notice today
You can access FedEx Freight Advance Notice when you register for My Account on the FedEx Freight password-protected website. With My Account, it’s easy to schedule pickups and track shipment status, generate Bills of Lading, and much more. FedEx Freight Advance Notice is available for FedEx Freight shipments in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Sign up today for My Account and FedEx Freight Advance Notice.