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Printer-Friendly How to Create Customer Loyalty Cards on a Budget

Customer loyalty cards are a proven marketing tool. Learn more about how their value can help build a long-term relationship with your customers.1
Most of us carry around several customer loyalty cards - one for the gas station, another for the coffee shop - so we intuitively know how powerful they can be as marketing tools. If you've hesitated to implement a similar loyalty program for your business, assuming it required investing in data services and management costs, we can help you create simpler options that can be just as effective.

Double duty
When creating business cards through FedEx Office, you can transform them into customer loyalty cards. Not only does it put your business information in the hands of your customers, but it also gives you the chance to reward them with free or discounted items for repeat business.

Simply add a design strip at the bottom or along the side of your business card with three to five stamps or punches and you've created a personalized reward card. Customers are more likely to save these cards on their refrigerators, in their wallets or on their car visors for easy grabbing the next time they frequent your store or shop.

Giving thanks 
Here are some examples of how you can reward your returning customers with loyalty cards:
  • Free or discounted item or service. Any business that offers a product or service can take advantage of this type of reward system. A coffee shop or bakery patron can get their card punched for the first four lattes or pastries purchased, and then get the fifth one free.
  • Price cards. Create a punch card with a dollar amount that’s appropriate for your type of business. If you own a bookstore, the card might have $5 punches with the reward of a free or discounted item once the customer spends $25.
  • Charitable donation. Either as an ongoing practice or promotional event, make a charitable donation for every purchase over a certain amount. Make it a contest your customers can take part in by creating a sign with your logo that shows your progress toward a set goal.
  • Prepaid discount cards. If your store or shop offers a regularly used service — oil changes, dry cleaning or dog grooming, for instance — customers can purchase a prepaid card at a discount. The customer benefits are two-fold: By purchasing the service in advance, they can get an accumulative discount, plus they don’t have to have cash on hand every time they visit your store. You benefit by knowing the customers are more likely to return to cash in on their prepaid savings.
  • Discount from a partnering business. Consider combining marketing efforts with a nearby business to increase your customer base. If you sell exercise apparel, for instance, the reward on your loyalty punch card could be a two-week membership at a local health club. In turn, the health club could offer new clients a $10 coupon for apparel from your store.
  • Customer-selected merchandise. Some gas station owners use punch cards to offer returning customers free or discounted in-store items of their choice when they fill up their tank a certain number of times.
  • Raffle opportunity. Planning a special promotion or event? Build the excitement leading up to the event by using the loyalty cards as a raffle opportunity for a big item or special service. For every five punches, your loyal customer can be entered five times into the drawing during the event. This is perfect for restaurants or entertainment venues.
Check out the FedEx Out of Office blog on loyalty cards for more ideas, and be sure to read the feedback to gain insight into how truly effective these are for consumers. Then go to to design your own business-loyalty cards.

Correo directo
Want to offer your returning customers more targeted promotions and coupons? As they reach for a loyalty card, ask your customers to complete a postcard with their name, street and e-mail address. FedEx Office can help you design personalized postcards with your logo. You can use the information the customers provide to build a direct mail address list for your next promotion or to send out coupons. FedEx OfficeSM Direct Mail Services will make reaching your customers a breeze. Read more about this service.

1FedEx makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the effectiveness or success of customer loyalty cards for your business. Anyone utilizing customer loyalty cards does so at their own risk. 

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