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Abril 2010
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Printer-Friendly Minimize Your Carbon Footprint With Help From FedEx Office

As an environmentally conscious citizen, you want to preserve the Earth's natural resources without compromising your business or personal goals. With FedEx Office, you can.
The 40th anniversary of Earth Day is April 22, 2010, and together, you and FedEx can help make a difference.

While going paperless is the ideal choice for an environmentally responsible person, it isn't always feasible. From business cards that help make your company known to customers to training manuals for educating your employees to graduation party posters filled with photographs, there are some situations where only paper will do.

But you can still do your part for the environment — and FedEx Office can help.

Smart paper choices
When ordering copies of documents, ask a FedEx Office team member about our recycled paper selections. You can also request a tree-free paper made from fibers such as cotton or sugar cane. Even if you use our default paper, it's certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, an independent, not-for-profit organization that establishes standards to encourage proper management of the world's forests.

Other steps to take
Creating a cleaner and more sustainable environment is an ongoing commitment - one that's important to continue beyond Earth Day 2010. To further minimize your carbon footprint, consider these choices:
  • Use online resources such as FedEx OfficeSM DocStore and FedEx OfficeSM Print Online when possible.
  • Request that your order is printed at the location closest to where the copies are needed. For example, if you're preparing for a conference thousands of miles away, printing documents near the destination could reduce the amount of fuel used to ship them there.

  • Offset your environmental footprint by contributing to organizations such as Conservation International or the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. FedEx supports their efforts by funding conservation projects around the world.

  • Support the expansion of renewable-energy infrastructure by purchasing renewable power.
You want to live responsibly on the planet, but you also have business and personal needs. FedEx Office has options that can help you with both.

Más información
For articles on the FedEx commitment to environmental sustainability, go to the Corporate Responsibility section of To learn more about Earth Day 2010 and how you can get involved, go to Earth Day Network.