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Abril 2010
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Printer-Friendly Faster, Easier Customs Clearance

FedEx® International DirectDistribution enables you to ship directly to your final customer, bypassing distribution centers and utilizing the power of the FedEx® global shipping network.
Clearing your packages through customs can be a tedious, time-consuming process.
FedEx International DirectDistribution provides you with consolidated customs clearance, offers you delivery options to meet your transit-time needs and weight requirements, and helps you reduce costs. Your packages are consolidated and move through customs with ease as one shipment.

One contact, personalized attention
Put our more than 20 years of direct-distribution experience to work for you. We offer a single point of contact who gives you the personal attention and premium service to help your business thrive. You can count on FedEx to provide you with a customized, cost-efficient shipping solution tailored to your specific business needs. Call your FedEx account executive today to learn more about FedEx International DirectDistribution.

Play the fun, interactive game UntangleIt and learn how FedEx International DirectDistribution can help untangle your supply chain.