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Abril 2010
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Printer-Friendly Access Your Shipping Documents Quickly and Easily

By storing images of your current and recently archived delivery receipts and Bills of Lading for easy access, we can help you provide great customer service.
When you ship with FedEx Freight or FedEx National LTL, we automatically scan your delivery receipts and Bills of Lading and store them as PDF images securely on So when your customer wants a shipment-status update, you can quickly, easily and conveniently access the images online and view, print, fax or e-mail the documents. With this tool, you can:
  • Save time and money. There’s no waiting for a FedEx customer service representative to send you the information. In addition, you can fax or e-mail the images directly from the site for free.

  • Maintain peace of mind. The site is password-protected, so only authorized personnel have access to the documents.

  • Stay organized. We keep your images for up to 24 months, so even if your shipping and tracking systems aren’t automated, you can access your information when you need it.
You have the tools
Simply go to and log in to My Account with your user ID and password. Then take the following steps to view, print, fax or e-mail images of your documents:

  1. Under the Freight tab, select Manage, then View Images.

  2. Select the Image type.

  3. Fill in the PRO number.

  4. Click on E-mail/fax or View.

When you select E-mail/fax, you can quickly and efficiently send images of your documents for free. Simply fill in the recipient's name and fax number or e-mail address and we'll immediately send the documents.

Easily access your shipping documents online today!
Log in to My Account at