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Printer-Friendly 5 Keys to Make Your Brand Successful

What's the personality of your company, product or service? Answering this question in a clear and concise way is vital to establishing your brand.
You don't need a huge budget or marketing expertise to create a strong brand identity. You want your customers to easily recognize your business and associate it with what you can do for them. By creating a unique identity, or brand, for your product or service - a distinctive logo, a powerful phrase, a specific color - you're building customer awareness so eventually they will immediately connect your brand with your business. But to accomplish that level of familiarity, you do need to keep these basics in mind:

  1. Make it meaningful. When selecting your brand elements, don't shy away from critical thinking. Make decisions based on your products, your target audience and your mission, rather than personal taste alone. Dig deep, examining your brand with an open mind. If you use a symbol or illustration in your logo, it's usually best to avoid literal interpretations of your business name (e.g., a stock image of a camera for a photography service).
  2. Manténgalo todo simple. Meaning and simplicity go hand in hand. Perhaps as you design your logo or develop your packaging you've selected a particular shape, in a particular shade of blue, to help communicate your brand. That may be enough to create a lasting impression without adding another color to the palette, or another symbol to the mix. Like any good artist, a great brand builder knows when to stop.
  3. Image is everything. After you've shared your brand with the world, it's best to stick with it for a significant length of time. This will give customers a chance to remember — and eventually connect with — your brand identity. So choose your logo, fonts and colors with care. Are you going for a business persona that's fun, serious, modern, retro, or all of the above? Do your homework on the latest design principles and plan your image accordingly.
  4. Consistency is crucial. Once you've determined the set of standards, or "style guide," for the writing and design of your business materials, it's best to adhere to those standards in everything from stationery to business cards. Consistency is what separates the professionals from the amateurs. Repetition is reputation, after all.
  5. Brand like a pro. While some companies invest major dollars in developing a brand, it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. Go to the FedEx OfficeSM Design & Print Center to explore high-quality templates for all of your company's branding needs, such as letterhead, envelopes, folders and notepads. You can even add your unique identifier to promotional magnets, sticky notes and calendars. At FedEx Office Design & Print Center, we can make you look good on paper so your current and potential customers will easily associate your brand with what you can do for them.
If you brand it, they will come
Want to create a powerful identity for your small business? Make FedEx Office your brand command center.

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