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Printer-Friendly You Have an Extra Hour to Schedule
On-Call Pickups

Need to schedule a FedEx Express® on-call pickup? You now have an additional hour — that's an hour later than the competition. Think of what you can do with your extra time!
Most everyone could use an extra hour in a day. Now you have it.

FedEx Express has extended on-call pickup times by approximately 60 minutes for more than 7,000 ZIP codes nationwide. This gives you later on-call pickup times in more ZIP codes and markets than you can get with the competition.

Depending on your ZIP code, you now have an extra hour or so to schedule an on-call FedEx Express courier pickup for U.S. or international shipments. That gives you more time in your workday to call your own. You can breathe easier about those last-minute shipment requests now that you have more time to get your customer's package out the door.

We've got your back
With later on-call pickup times, you have:
  • More options. There's no need to wait until the next day for an on-call courier pickup.
  • Greater flexibility. Get things done on your schedule.
  • Extra time. An additional hour gives you more breathing room to prepare last-minute shipments.
  • More business opportunities. You're an hour ahead of your competition. Now, not only do you have extra time to send out a delivery, but you also have a greater chance to make the sale if you send out that last-minute shipment before the day ends.
Just think, now you have about 60 more minutes in the day to conduct business.

Scheduling your FedEx Express pickup is simple and convenient. Use FedEx Ship Manager® at to create labels and schedule a pickup. Or if you only need a pickup, use the Schedule a Pickup tool. You can see what the pickup window is for your ZIP code. You can even request multiple pickups at the same time. Plus, you can track the status of your packages online, and set up email notifications for yourself and two other recipients that the shipment is on its way.

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