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Printer-Friendly Packing Solutions for Gift Returns

Need to return a holiday gift? FedEx Office makes it easy with our pack-and-ship services.
It's an inevitable gift-giving tradition: The snowflake pajamas from grandma are cute, but they're two sizes too small. You love that espresso machine - which is why you bought the same one a few months ago. And the new computer is exactly what you wanted, but it's not working.

The holiday gift exchange is done and your guests have left. Now it's time to make those returns. If you need to send an item back to an online retailer or to a store in the next town, state or country, simply bring it to FedEx Office and we'll pack and ship it for you.

  • Need a better box? We'll determine the perfect packaging for your returns. We offer a range of paks, boxes and cushioning material for both sturdy and fragile contents. You can also pack your items in advance and we'll make sure they're protected.
  • Need high-tech packing? If you're returning a computer or other high-tech item, you can trust us to pack it properly. We have specially designed boxes for laptops, mobile phones, MP3 players and other wireless handheld devices. You can also purchase the boxes at any FedEx Office location if you want to pack and ship your returns yourself.
  • Need a custom fit? Not sure how to pack up those pink in-line skates (that you're exchanging for blue ones) or rock-climbing gear (that you're returning due to a fear of heights)? No problem! Our team members will customize a box on-site for your bulky or odd-shaped items.
Return your gifts with ease
Learn more about our pack-and-ship services, which come complete with our free FedEx® Pack and Ship Guarantee.1

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1 The no-fee FedEx Pack and Ship Guarantee means that if your shipment is lost or damaged, you can receive your money back for the pack-and-ship services. Please see a team member in-center for more information.