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Printer-Friendly 3 Ideas for Easy-to-Keep Resolutions From FedEx Office

Is one of your resolutions for 2011 to make realistic resolutions? If so, here are a few FedEx Office can help you keep.
  1. Write letters. Real letters. Want to keep in touch with faraway family and friends this year? Need to send a thank-you letter to your client? Thanks to email, texting and social networking, receiving a letter in the mail is a much bigger deal than it used to be. And it means even more if you use personalized stationery. Kick off the new year by designing your stationery online. We make it easy to choose your favorite format, font, colors and finish, and add your own photos and images. And your recipients will truly appreciate the thoughtfulness.
  2. Stay organized; enjoy free time. Organization and recreation go hand in hand: Staying on top of your daily errands and goals will give you more leisure time. Start by creating a weekly schedule, fitness plan and/or goal chart in your software program of choice. Or sketch one from scratch, adding inspirational quotes or fun artwork in the borders. Laminate the chart at FedEx Office so you can use it throughout the year. Then, use dry-erase markers to check off to-do's as you complete them each day.
  3. Look better on paper. Could your business presence use a face-lift? This is the year to build a better, more consistent brand, from your resume to your presentations. Go to the FedEx Office® Design & Print Center to find high-quality templates for letterhead, envelopes, folders, notepads and much more. You can even add your logo or other identifier to promotional magnets, sticky notes and calendars. You'd be surprised what a little brand boost can do for your career. See our recent branding article for more tips.
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