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Printer-Friendly 3 Tips for Better Digital Photos

If your digital photos aren't ready for National Geographic, don't worry. Even the best photographers have faced challenges. Here are three quick tips to become a sharper shutterbug.
1. Compose in thirds
Look closely at your digital photos and chances are you'll discover they share a common trait: The subject is placed directly in the middle of the photograph. While it's a natural instinct to evenly space subject and background in a photograph, it usually doesn't make for a very exciting or memorable result.

Next time you shoot, place your subject off-center. An easy way to do this artfully is to use your digital camera's built-in grid, which places a 3-by-3 set of squares in your viewfinder. Experiment with recomposing your shot so that key focal points are located close to the intersection of these grid lines - slightly off-center - instead of smack dab in the center square. If it's a portrait, there will be twice as much background to one side compared with the other. If it's a landscape, there might be twice as much visible sky as there is earth.

The results should be more to your liking.

2. Don’t skimp on storage
Have you considered investing in an additional memory card for your camera? There are two reasons why it’s a good idea. The most obvious: You’re less likely to miss a shot because your memory card is full! But another is that you can increase the resolution of each shot, which will in turn increase the number of options you have to print and share your photo. Why shoot at lower resolution and lose the opportunity to show off your work in a larger format, like an 8" x 10" print? You can produce these larger-format prints at your nearest FedEx Office location.

3. Print like a pro
Maybe you have a home printer equipped to output digital prints, but you aren't thrilled with the results or want more output options. Then it's time to access better equipment and some experienced help.

To get the most out of your digital prints and create a higher-quality, longer-lasting end result, visit your nearest FedEx Office location. Usted puede:
  • Generate stunning prints — fast. Sony® PictureStation™ kiosks deliver prints comparable to those you'd get from a traditional photofinisher. Just bring in the media from your digital camera — Sony PictureStation accepts most formats. You’ll have your prints in minutes.

  • Create head-turning enlargements. We can enlarge your photos to poster size — and larger — typically in just hours.

  • Make photo art. Turn virtually any digital photo into a high-quality art print on canvas or archival-quality textured watercolor paper — perfect for your landscape or abstract shots.

  • Burn images to a CD. Use Sony PictureStation to save your finished images to a CD so you can share your prints with friends and loved ones. It’s also a great way to archive your photos and free up storage space on your memory cards.
Shutterbugs welcome
Ready to explore bigger and better possibilities with your digital photos? Learn more about photo printing on our Web site, or simply visit your nearest FedEx Office location.

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