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Printer-Friendly 4 Ways to Use the Location Finder at

Like a "411" resource, you can use the Location Finder at to get instant access to solutions for your professional and personal needs. Here are four examples of how you can use the tool to solve everyday challenges.
Need to find a convenient place to drop off your package? Or one that accepts dangerous goods shipments? Want to find a nearby resource for videoconference hosting? You can get all this information and more using Find FedEx Locations at

This tool can do much more than list your nearest FedEx locations. By using the services filters on the right-hand side of the screen, you can narrow your search by personal or business need — customizing search results to specific FedEx® services and resources in your area.

Among other things, you can use the filters on Find FedEx Locations to:
  • Find a location that will hold packages for pickup.

  • Locate an airport location for a last-minute shipment.

  • Access the closest place to ship on Saturday.

  • Find nearby locations that stock packaging supplies.
Mouse over the question mark adjacent to each filter, and you can learn more about that particular product or service.

Try the location finder today
Discover how FedEx can help you — whether it’s for your professional or personal needs — by exploring the location finder at