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Mayo de 2010
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Printer-Friendly Extended Time Frames for FedEx Express® Pickups in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, we've extended the time frame for you to request a FedEx Express pickup. That gives you more time to prepare your shipments - and more time to focus on your business.
There's no need to rush. Los Angeles customers now have up to 90 more minutes to get that critical shipment ready and get it to us for next-day delivery. No more going without lunch and racing around to push something out the door that's not quite ready.

FedEx Express pickup has always been convenient, and your regular scheduled pickup time won’t change. But with the new, extended time frame for requesting a one-time pickup, you can get things done on your schedule.

Now time is on your side. You just have to figure out what to do with it.

Schedule your pickup online today
It’s easy to both create your shipping label and schedule your pickup online with FedEx Ship Manager® at Or, you can create labels using FedEx Ship Manager® Software or paper airbills.