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Mayo de 2010
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Printer-Friendly How to Boost Visibility Into Your Inbound and Outbound Shipments

Access critical information about your in-transit shipments online or from the convenience of your computer desktop.
We understand. Accessing information about your in-transit shipments can be a vital business-management tool.

FedEx® tracking solutions provide timely shipment-status information you can share with customers, to enhance the efficiency of their shipping experience. Send proactive notification of delivery exceptions or events to your customers, reduce the time they spend placing tracking calls to your customer service number, and more.

FedEx Desktop
FedEx Desktop is a downloadable application that monitors shipment status and sends notifications of changes directly to your computer’s desktop in real time. Simple to install and easy to use, it’s a great solution to monitor and track the status of shipments daily and enable customers to view their shipment status without logging in to

FedEx Desktop is designed for shippers with low to medium shipping volume, or customers with high volume who want to highlight or focus on a specific list of critical shipments.

You can use FedEx Desktop to:
  • Monitor up to 300 active shipments at one time.

  • Highlight important shipments using a watch list.

  • Track using a nickname, rather than a tracking number.

  • Identify shipments that are marked as important or nicknamed in FedEx Desktop. These will also be marked or nicknamed in other FedEx tracking applications, including My FedEx® Advanced Tracking and FedEx Mobile for iPhone.

  • Access shipment details by clicking on a specific shipment summary.

  • Use advanced filtering and search options to quickly find the shipment you’re looking for.
When a shipment's status changes, FedEx Desktop notifies you with a small pop-up message in the lower right corner of your desktop. This message remains on the screen for five seconds, and then closes automatically.

FedEx Advanced Tracking
Easily accessible from My FedEx, FedEx Advanced Tracking is a shipment-status tracking and management tool for businesses with moderate to high shipping volume. It enables you to quickly and easily view, export and share up-to-date information about the status of your shipments.

For more information, log in to My FedEx with your user name and password.

With FedEx Advanced Tracking you can:
  • Access the most current information available for your shipment. Get the updates you need to plan ahead and confirm that important shipments have arrived.

  • View your shipping activity across shipment types. View your inbound, outbound and third-party shipments separately or in a consolidated table. Get information for your U.S. and international FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground®, FedEx SmartPost® and FedEx Freight® shipments.

  • Review shipments even if you don’t have tracking numbers. You can use reference information, customer data (company name, address), or both, to identify your shipments — no tracking numbers required. You can view this information online, receive it via e-mail or download it.

  • Use advanced filtering to sort your data. Powerful search and filtering capabilities can help you quickly find information about your shipments. You can apply up to six different filters — ship date, service type, your reference data, and more.

  • Access problem resolution. FedEx Advanced Tracking pinpoints clearance and delivery exceptions, such as incomplete documentation and incorrect addresses, then suggests recommended actions to speed delivery.
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Read more and view a demo on FedEx Desktop.

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